I think a new mode would be neat

I’ve played this game for years now and nothing’s really changed since it’s release. Sure some stats were tweaked and recently Proving Grounds came out. I think it’d be nice to get a full on mode like what I call “Commander mode”. In commander mode, 1 helldiver is voted to be a commander who can drop up to 12 different stratagems while the other 3 are normal helldivers with no stratagems. Its up to the commander to support the helldivers with things like ammo, mechs, turrets, weapons, revives and other additional gear, mission specific included. It may also be possible for the commander to send a brave but less capable 4 man strike team to support the helldivers by at least distracting enemies so the divers can make narrow escape. Now I realize that this would be incomprehensibly op on any difficulty below a 7 or 8 but I’m just tossin random ideas think are good enough to be shared. How would this even work? Idk that’s for the devs to find out IF they so choose to incorporate Commander mode or something similar in the future.


If a feature like this or something similar existed, it would stop people from using bots to drop additional gear.

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