If Arrowhead could still develop the Gauntlet, what would you like to see?



What if Arrowhead would magically own the IP or WB Games would let them continue the project. What would you like to see in the Gauntlet: Slayer Editon?

I would like to see:

  • Improved Endless Mode
    Secret rooms along with the explosive barrels, more rooms loadouts.
  • More Balanced Relics
    Relics needs to be reworked such as Firetrail Boots and more.
  • A colorful envelope around the Heroes
    That feature was in the Pre-Slayer Edition, red/blue/yellow/green/purple envelope around the Heroes was a great idea!
  • More non-canonical Heroes DLC
    Even, though Lilith the Necromancer is not a canonical Adventurer, she perfectly fits in the Gauntlet universe.
  • Improved Bosses
    Bosses have basically the same mechanics, they tend to attack you for a while and the invisible stage. Should be improved to more original attacks and unique mechanics.

And you? What would you like to see added or removed from the Gauntlet?


Mostly I wanted bigger character and enemy character models. Thought the game was beautifully animated, just everything was so tiny. One could argue that’s in keeping with the arcade original but since the game’s not a slavish copy of the arcade game, no real need to Keep It Tiny imho. :slight_smile:

Maybe a bit more cosmetic character customization options without it all being tied in to chosen skills.


Improved portaling: I think everyone can agree that Endless portalling needs an easily navigatable menu so you can easly get to required floors etc

More bosses would be great.

Id also like an open world lobby just outside the gauntlet. So people can gather and chat around the campfire etc before dungeon running.


Hey Jaunty,

Totally agreed, I have missed the endless portaling to the 10,000+ floor. There should be an option to teleport to the last activated portal.

  1. A second (or the main) portal that takes you instant to your last Endless floor.
    (Most Heroes quite their endless progress for that reason).
  2. Adding stones with abilities (like Colosseum) on Endless.
  3. The higher floor you go on Endless the higher maximum stones can be spawned (i.e.: when you reach 5k floor the maximum stones spawned are 5 and not 3).
  4. On Endless, every some floors Morak appears (like Death boss) and he is hunting the heroes with his sword and his ability to summon portals with enemies.
  5. Public games should be host on a server. This will save a lot of lag, and also will make host / joined players balance.
  6. All five heroes can play at the same time!
  7. Secret rooms on Endless.
  8. More open world random generating maps!
  9. Masteries as were on Pre-Slayer.
  10. Improved Leaderboards.
  11. Old lobby area (map).
  12. Level editor.
  13. Mods.
  14. Cross-Platform Multiplayer (Steam, GOG, PS4)



That’s a lot of good points, holy! I didn’t think about this. I want them all!


This reminds me of that I, for fun, was working on recreating the classic arcade game’s levels in our game. It was kind of fun trying them out with our new combat features and seeing the tiny differences that we did not think that much about when doing the new game, like how in the original the chests have collision and could be used as walls that did not need keys in levels on the original game.