If Arrowhead could still develop the Gauntlet, what would you like to see?



What if Arrowhead would magically own the IP or WB Games would let them continue the project. What would you like to see in the Gauntlet: Slayer Editon?

I would like to see:

  • Improved Endless Mode
    Secret rooms along with the explosive barrels, more rooms loadouts.
  • More Balanced Relics
    Relics needs to be reworked such as Firetrail Boots and more.
  • A colorful envelope around the Heroes
    That feature was in the Pre-Slayer Edition, red/blue/yellow/green/purple envelope around the Heroes was a great idea!
  • More non-canonical Heroes DLC
    Even, though Lilith the Necromancer is not a canonical Adventurer, she perfectly fits in the Gauntlet universe.
  • Improved Bosses
    Bosses have basically the same mechanics, they tend to attack you for a while and the invisible stage. Should be improved to more original attacks and unique mechanics.

And you? What would you like to see added or removed from the Gauntlet?


Mostly I wanted bigger character and enemy character models. Thought the game was beautifully animated, just everything was so tiny. One could argue that’s in keeping with the arcade original but since the game’s not a slavish copy of the arcade game, no real need to Keep It Tiny imho. :slight_smile:

Maybe a bit more cosmetic character customization options without it all being tied in to chosen skills.


Improved portaling: I think everyone can agree that Endless portalling needs an easily navigatable menu so you can easly get to required floors etc

More bosses would be great.

Id also like an open world lobby just outside the gauntlet. So people can gather and chat around the campfire etc before dungeon running.


Hey Jaunty,

Totally agreed, I have missed the endless portaling to the 10,000+ floor. There should be an option to teleport to the last activated portal.

  1. A second (or the main) portal that takes you instant to your last Endless floor.
    (Most Heroes quite their endless progress for that reason).
  2. Adding stones with abilities (like Colosseum) on Endless.
  3. The higher floor you go on Endless the higher maximum stones can be spawned (i.e.: when you reach 5k floor the maximum stones spawned are 5 and not 3).
  4. On Endless, every some floors Morak appears (like Death boss) and he is hunting the heroes with his sword and his ability to summon portals with enemies.
  5. Public games should be host on a server. This will save a lot of lag, and also will make host / joined players balance.
  6. All five heroes can play at the same time!
  7. Secret rooms on Endless.
  8. More open world random generating maps!
  9. Masteries as were on Pre-Slayer.
  10. Improved Leaderboards.
  11. Old lobby area (map).
  12. Level editor.
  13. Mods.
  14. Cross-Platform Multiplayer (Steam, GOG, PS4)



That’s a lot of good points, holy! I didn’t think about this. I want them all!


This reminds me of that I, for fun, was working on recreating the classic arcade game’s levels in our game. It was kind of fun trying them out with our new combat features and seeing the tiny differences that we did not think that much about when doing the new game, like how in the original the chests have collision and could be used as walls that did not need keys in levels on the original game.


1: Add a dwarf? Regular attack = axe, RMB attack = sixshooter musket or similar able to shoot through a line of enemies (can be changed to wide area effect with buckshot), Handgrenade, able to take more damage but always hungry (so food gives a little less health regeneration). Would be sort of a mix between barbarian, valkyrie and elf.
2: A new area. Perhaps an underground forest (mushrooms, trees, caterpillars and troglodytes)? Or go above ground? Snowy frozen moonlit area with werewolfes, living trees and ice elementals - evil little “tomtearmé”! Going from one gauntlet to another or a gauntlet stretching between two mountains?
3: VR??? I don’t know how do that without ruining the feel of the game, maybe by sort of making the player a puppeteer of sorts. Still a top down, sit-down experience. Just be careful not to move the entire floor when the view moves. The background must be fixed compared to the player I think.


Besides just wanting a complete story, more bosses, more realms, not just the fire realm. I dont see how when they drew up the contract for the game they didnt include a portion for expansions and or patches. Can WBs not see that people are still playing the game? i mean people are on floor 8000+ the game is perfect just want more of it.

Question for the devs, could you not just create a similar game, with out guns, or where your only character is a hooded figure with a different color. Just call it legends?

Is arrowhead working on any current projects that are hack/slash 4 player Coop? I just feel you all did such a great job and if they were to give the rights to another company, that company would botch the job, then WB would come crawling back spending twice the money. Has anyone in your organization pitched the idea of gauntlet DLC or just a new one completely, There are 50,000 people who would easily pay 59.99 or 39.99. I would like to know where/what they are doing or whats taking its place. Doesn’t look like anything is happening.


I could hardly say they’re not doing something big…


I dont know what you’re on but I know Hemlock is on the good stuff. Ace ideas my friend; one can dream. Still cant really get over how good Gauntlet is such craftsmenship like how do you go about making a game this good.

  • Endless Colosseum/Expanded Colosseum
    When Arrowhead originally announced Endless, I imagined the procedural labyrinth maps of the classic games. Would have been awesome to play much larger, labyrinthian variations of the Colosseum maps with randomized layouts and exits (rather than waves).

  • Expanded Endless
    Endless is very entertaining for what it is, but It desperately needed polishing, more exclusive content, and all kinds of adjustments to the difficulty. Trap rooms are one of the biggest problems. So many of them can be skipped if you have a second player. It might have been prudent for Morak to offer rewards for defeating rooms without taking too much damage and/or for not dying.

  • Continued Balancing Improvements
    There’s numerous things that needed to be addressed for every class (including Relics). Bosses are extremely tedious when there’s 3-4 players (too much HP). Collision from enemy attacks are a huge mess across the three acts. Many attacks are poorly synced to their respective animations. Some have absurd reach. Some are absurdly fast. Some are all of the above.

  • More content
    Two things that would have kept the community much healthier. More dungeons. More classes. I always liked swamp biomes in Gauntlet-isque games, complete with lizardmen. Getting one new class every year would have been something amazing to look forward to. These things could have been payed DLC. I would have preferred that to absolutely nothing.

Wields an enchanted hammer and gauntlet. Like Wizard, Cleric could have sets of spells. Set one could be offensive and set two could be defensive. Casting a spell enacts a global cooldown on the relavent set. Combining sets converts the spell into one of two buffs which are cast on self or an ally (initial set receives a cooldown). The charged abilities and the buffs are meant to be strong with long cooldowns.

Ability 1 (Hammer Toss)

  • Cleric throws his hammer a short distance, after which it rapidly returns, causing extra damage.

Ability 2 (Arcane Buster)

  • Cleric’s gauntlet passively absorbs the magic of the Gauntlet over time which he can unleash in a powerful, short-ranged blast.

Ability 3 (Offensive) Holy Fire:

  • Fire Pillar (tap to cast)
    Targeted spell that very briefly immolates a small area for moderate damage and applies a unique, tic-based burn effect (seperate from other burn effects) that applies a brief stun to demons and undead every tic. Destroys lesser undead instantly.

  • Fire Wall (hold to cast)
    A long streak of fire that stands for a limited time, dealing heavy damage and briefly slowing enemies every time they pass through it. Destroys lesser undead instantly.

Ability 4 (Defensive) Divine:

  • Aegis (tap to cast)
    Envelopes Cleric in an aura of light which provides invulnerability until broken by force; each time the aura is struck, nearby enemies are smited.

  • Spirit Wave (hold to cast)
    Meant to be the Cleric’s movement power. Transforms Cleric, allowing him to move freely as a stream of divine light. Enemies touched by the stream are stunned until the spells ends. Harmful to demons.


  • Enchant (Holy Fire->Divine)
    Bestows a weapon (or Merlin’s spells) with a limited number of Holy Fire charges. Enemies near the enchanted target continuously take damage.

  • Bless (Divine->Holy Fire)
    When this is applied, any enemies near the recipient are stunned. While active, the recipient’s Weapon Abilities/Spells recharge 15% faster and if they receive a killing blow, they will instead become invincible for a short time.


OK here’s my crazy thought:

2-Player Class Combos (limited in some way so you only do these on rare occasion)

  • Elf-Valkyrie Combo: Valkyrie becomes a large shield-tipped “human arrow” that the Elf then “fires”.

  • Elf-Wizard Combo: Wizard temporarily embues Elf’s next several arrow shots with a random cycle of magical effects and damage bonuses.

I’m still pondering other cray ideas with this combo concept. :slight_smile:


Native DS4 support for Steam version of Gauntlet Slayer Edition would be nice

It is a minor inconvenience but having to change Steam controller settings each time I want to play Gauntlet and then return to Helldivers or another game natively supporting DS4 is the only real negative I can think of.


Nintendo switch port. Would buy again, maybe add a caveat but yeah definitely switch support, y’all could rake with this game local coop…surprised I haven’t seen anything about it.


I agree. I think a Gauntlet Slayer Edition to Switch will do well. I don’t know if Stingray works on Switch but if it does and it can be a relatively easy port, there will certainly be more players on Switch including those (like myself) that have already played Gauntlet on Steam or PS4.


Well, that’s on publisher Warner Bros. I’ve seen/heard nothing in 3 years that WB has any further interest on this iteration of Gauntlet, which is a shame. Kinda hard to believe they and Arrowhead split ways just about 3 years ago (Oct. 2015). I think only reason I wasn’t more upset about it at the time was because I was so excited about the impending Dec. 2015 PC/Steam release of Helldivers. :grin:

And I really dig Gauntlet now, and last year, but for years it just didn’t grab me. Or maybe I was too busy playing Helldivers. :sunglasses:

I’m sure WB will eventually back some other take on Gauntlet, but I don’t think it’ll have the Arrowhead magic, at least not for me. Magicka 2 happened with no Arrowhead involvement, so I guess anything’s possible. I just don’t get the impression WB has any further plans with this. “This” meaning Arrowhead’s cool take on Gauntlet.

I guess my suggestion for Gauntlet to have larger character models would be moot on Switch. In fact I might prefer the tiny character models there on the Switch on the go, than I do on my 23" LED monitor. :slight_smile:


How about “Quality of Life” improvements? Which if Arrowhead still was “on” the game, I’m sure could at least do, but, alas, now moot…

Cape Management Mental Memory
In your capes inventory, highlight or maybe add a little “dancing sprites” animation on the cape that you just won playing the Colisseum. Because damned if I can ever remember the cape I won when I get to the capes inventory screen because the cape images there are so tiny and all almost look alike. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So help us remember…

Multiplayer Character Highlighter Option
To this day I constantly get confused on screen as to which character I’m controlling. Doesn’t help the confusion that we see at the bottom of the UI the character panels for the other players too, even if that’s true to the arcade game.

I would’ve liked some sort of optional 'highlighter" – either that “beam from the sky” effect we get when entering or resurrecting in the game (that’s just there for a few seconds; instead it could be a permanent thing only I/the player sees); or maybe like a ‘bubble’ around our character that only the player controlling that character sees.


Colosseum Selector

To add something I don’t think has been suggested yet, it would have been really nice to have had a Colosseum selector.

You could replay any Colosseum at any time, so long as you’ve beaten it before. This way you’re not locked out of 17 stages everyday (except on your first time playing through them). Each day, there would still be one stage that is featured. The featured stage changes everyday (as is the case already), and it is the only stage that offers gold and cape rewards at that time.

This takes nothing away from the game—only adds to it. It wouldn’t nullify the current daily system. For players who have yet to complete any of the Colosseums or collect certain capes, everything works the same way as it already does, however, for players that have beaten all of the Colosseums and collected all of the capes and do not care about the rewards anymore and only wish to play these stages for the fun of them, they too can have that option.

A Common Problem I have with Gauntlet and Helldivers

As much as I love Gauntlet and Helldivers, which are two of my favorite games of all time, they both share in a similar problem that I absolutely hate: you get locked out of content. This is a bigger issue in Helldivers than in Gauntlet, but it’s still at least present in both.

In the case of Helldivers: There comes a point where you don’t care about the plot anymore—you just want to play against the enemies of your choice because you love the gameplay, and you don’t want to be told, “Nope sorry, they’re unavailable right now because you chose the wrong day to play Helldivers.”

In the case of Gauntlet: Once you’ve unlocked all of the capes and don’t care about the Colosseum daily rotation anymore—you just want to play the stages of your choice for the fun of it, and you don’t want to be told, “Nope sorry, they’re unavailable right now because you chose the wrong day to play Gauntlet.”

I’d love to have the option to grab some friends and run through all 18 Colosseums in Gauntlet in one sitting. Or jump on Helldivers and know before I even turn the game on that I can play Cyborgs on level 15 on a desert planet, and not start up the game thinking, “I really hope Cyborgs aren’t defeated right now.”

In a way, I almost feel like Arrowhead wasn’t really planning on people to find their games to be as addictive as they ended up being for many people, such as myself. Of course, I realize these things are unlikely to change for these games, but hopefully they’re points to note for future titles.



Far as I can tell, Arrowhead empathizes with players that wish they could play whatever whenever, but decided to stick with the content locks that are part of the game design for better or worse as one of the key design components that sets their games apart.

Will be really telling how much they really value the positives of such a design (think about playing first time, especially Helldivers, everyone working towards a common goal), vs how that ends up providing many inconveniences for long-term players in it for the gameplay and not really invested in the “galactic campaign” anymore when their next game comes out.

I imagine they will still have time / context events to drive player excitement and enjoyment which is really not uncommon for online games. The main thing is would those include potential for content locking as consequence of however they are structured.