If Arrowhead could still develop the Gauntlet, what would you like to see?




Understandable. Of course, I’m only one guy and I completely get that. I’m even a minority (i.e. most people aren’t long-term players by any means when it comes to any game, let alone the extent you or I have played these). Still though, it’d be nice.

Plus, again, I wouldn’t want to undo any concepts already put in place since I know some people could also enjoy the way things are. This is why I try to suggest only add-ons without any takeaways. In this case, Colosseum would lose nothing from how it already is. I’ve had similar ideas for the Galactic Campaign in Helldivers as well, but I’ll not derail a Gauntlet thread with that.

But I agree; it’ll be interesting to see how their future work goes in this regard especially.


Yeah it’s funny – I always say the whole alien faction “lockout” aspect of the Helldivers campaign turned me off so much when I was initially playing it on Vita in spring-early summer 2015 that I just quit playing. It felt at times I’d paid $20 for a game on Vita, but only got to play about $15 of it. I didn’t get re-excited about the game until the Steam/PC version was announced.

After a while I just saw it as how the campaign worked. With me I just never liked playing against the Iluminates. Didn’t like the beam fences destroying vehicles in one shot, the cloaked snipers destroying my turrets, my Guard Dog drone not being able to target stealth enemies etc. It didn’t matter to me if Illuminates didn’t have heavy armor, I just didn’t enjoy playing the game against that faction. So I generally wouldn’t play when that was the last faction. I think a lot of players felt that way, so when the campaign drops to just Illuminates, the active player base dwindles, and then the campaign completion slows down etc.

Yeah on coliseums, it seems the original idea was to give you a reason to login every day for capes. But yeah once we put a lot of hours into it, some way to cherry-pick the few colosseum maps we still need capes for, would be nice I agree. And now I’m finally back on forum topic. :slight_smile: