Influence contributed not counting

Hello I have noticed that the influence that I have earned from missions is not appearing on the leaderboard. I am assuming this means my influence is not being counted. Is there a reason why, can this be fixed?

Yes I’m playing online.

Can you explain what exactly is wrong?
PC or PS?

Influence counts towards the leaderboards once you complete the whole planet (2-3 missions).
Enemy Master’s Influence bonus is not counted towards the leaderboards thus it’s only 150 instead of 300.

This is on PC.

I have completed multiple planets, including killing a boss. The PG also when completed does not count my influence for the mission.

The issue is as I put it (sorry for leaving out extra details) Completing Planets never applies to the leaderboard for any of the factions, this is all while connected to the internet (online) I have even completed planets in a co-op group online and this also does not apply influence.