Intro to Proving Grounds with Gameplay Videos from War 90

The Dive Harder expansion has added the new Proving Grounds missions which you can get to by using R1 (on controller) when on Galactic Map. The rest of how you review and select mission should be familiar. Each War will have 3 new missions (one for each faction) that will stay for full duration of the War with different Mission, Condition, and Modifier. Whichever team earns top of Proving Grounds Experts leaderboard (fastest time) at end of each war for the mission will earn the respective new Cape (by Faction and Difficulty). There are 9 new capes to earn and it could take many wars to get them all. The leaderboards on Steam vs PSN are separate.

For War 90, here is how things are starting out

Illuminates 5 - Challenging

  • Mission: Exterminate
  • Condition: Up Close and Personal
  • Modifier: Orbital Bombardments

Bugs 9 - Hard as Hell

  • Mission: Defend Launchpad (x3)
  • Condition: New and Improved
  • Modifier: Ghost Town

Cyborgs 15 - The Inner Circle of Hell

  • Mission: Defend Area
  • Condition: Liberty Day Veteran
  • Modifier: Double Damage Weak Spot Only

If you have any questions about any of this, ask away and I and others will answer.

Have an awesome Liberty Day weekend ahead :slight_smile:


So what are you going to do with cheaters?

Nothing,I think.


I think they mentioned that they might give the capes to more / all participants, so that there isn’t much reason to cheat for rewards.

Me? Let Arrowhead / Guru Games deal with it however they decide.