Is the game dificulty up?

Did anybody notice the dificulty is up a little bit . I had a RS (cyborg) today with 2 friends (lvl 50) and we had a really tough battle,made it trough the third time. i’m just curious If anybody has noticed some difrence in the game dificulty or is it just me and my friends beeing rusty… xD

Nothing changed, difficulty is the same.

Probably this ^

RS can be tricky, especially solo.

That is what I was afraid off …we had eat 17, 2x jump packs 1x rumbler + ammo,no at-47 and static…so mybe ^^ too bad i didn record …

I usually solo every 12 Cyborg RS using:

  • Breaker/Punisher
  • MD-99 Autoinjector
  • Resupply, Lifts, Rumbler & Missile Barrage

You should try this loadout!

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I usually run patriot, paragon, justice, suppressor, 2 ammo, and recs or eats with cardio or strat pri or auto.

Paragon is brutal vs cyborg and is a brutal ammo consumer ^^ but lately ive been usin it a lot,but I dont shoot scouts with it but with the gun if so…and only if necessary with paragon

I will try it .The other day i played like 7 hours and no RS,yesterday 3 i a row, xD