Is there a bug where a new player joining can cause Escort Survivors to glitch?

I watched the recording after play and all 8 Escort Survivors are accounted for

  • 5 Delivered
  • 3 Bodies

Yet, the game thought there is a survivor off-map that needs to be delivered so the mission could not be completed successfully. The only explanation I can think of is a player tried to join and could not and maybe that and the timing of when survivors were delivered caused glitch?

This is caused by leaving the shelter without waiting for the objective completion message. In the video ~4:35 one of the first two guys walking in was the survivor from the first group which triggered the completed objective the second group had not registered before you left the area.

This is something that bad connectivity can make really noticeable and is probably the reason it happened here. I have once had to wait about 1 minute for a finished train escort to register.


I haven’t had to wait in past but, I’ll take the advice and stick around a little longer before leaving when doing multiple survivor drop offs until all show “objective complete”.


Happy to shed some light. You can replicate this glitch solo by leaving the base early so it’s independent of connection on a base level.

The 1 minute was the most extreme example and by far out the norm however but you can at times see a short delay in poor connectivity games. At least that has been my experience :smile: