Is there anything more to expect?

With this new fancy forum lets tackle the elephant in the room.
What is the future of Helldivers?
I think its safe to assume that any new content from now on will only be either cosmetic armor sets for celebration/events. This is just from looking at the latest activity of the game both community wise and developer wise.
Now I don’t expect Arrowhead to go out and say that the game is dead in the water for obvious reasons, yet they have still hinted at a future for the Helldivers IP.

Do you believe Helldivers 2 is in development? Maybe a larger expansion? let me know your thoughts.


Thats true development of Helldivers is finished but we are still getting Liberty Day updates with new stratagems or weapons even outfits.

Helldivers is not dead yet, probably will take few years to be dead!

And yeah i believe/hope for Helldivers 2 but not now. Still want to play a lot Helldivers 1!

I think that there are not any upcoming big changes or updates. I dont even expect other DLC packs. But even though… this games still looks not dead. And thats all I need :slight_smile:

Yeah thats really what I was talking about with the cosmetic sets for events, I should have written it more clearly.

I always hoped that they would release more races to fight against, but really that would be a helldivers 2 thing. I Think it’s fine that they’re just doing community updates and things like that now. Mainly because I hope it means they’re working on their next game and I’m super excited for that.

i just wish for a balance pass…Half the weapons are not viable and that kills so much potential replayabillity…

Examples like the punisher could definitely use some love…

I would like to think simple statistical changes would be pretty easy to change, make some noise and it might be changed.

Oh right! Im almost sure there are not going to be anymore big expansions.
Sadly… :frowning:

Pretty sure I have read someone from Arrowhead state recently that as long as there are enough people still actively playing, they will keep supporting the game.

So far outside of the DLC they made for Sony, they have supported their fans by releasing something or other on Launch Day Anniversary (March 3rd) and Liberty Day Anniversary (Oct 26th).

Surely I can’t be the only one who would be willing to pay for more DLC, though? I mean, I do appreciate every little bit of content we get for free, I think it is AWESOME that we get these small content updates every 6 months (Release Anniversary and Liberty Day), with the most recent additions of 3 new Stratagems on Liberty Day (henceforth LD-17) being the biggest addition of content to date (I mean after the game reached feature complete status).

But I wonder, what would be required of us, the players / fanbase / community for SONY to give the go ahead for more paid content, or even another expansion?

Because, surely, even with Arrohead working on another project, if it was paid for and supported by SONY they would find the resources to create more nice toys for us to play with, right?

I mean, I’ll keep enjoying what we have, and I’ll be thankful for even the smallest of updates, but the hope for “more” persists.

What do you think?


I honestly don’t see any major updates happening for Helldivers in the future, but I am glad the devs still throw us treats twice a year.

@Vamandrac This year we had 2 patches and third one is coming, Shredder fix update, Devs might also add something new? Like 1 new stratagem :slight_smile: I don’t know we will see!

The fight for democracy never ends!

Also, we are looking to do more stuff for Helldivers, but the studio is really focused on the new title. It’s a hard thing to balance, and the code foundation isn’t as easy to work with as we’d like - meaning that new stuff takes longer to develop.

But keep your eyes peeled, you never know what shows up :wink:


The Helldivers IP is owned by Sony so I don’t expect that AH can do too much in the addition department without their blessing. While it would be nice to see more content I just don’t see it happening minus the few treats they throw us (capes, gun, etc). Heck, Sony wouldn’t even greenlight Steam trading cards so forgive me if for not holding my breath.

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That’s not entirely true, as in my previous post.

It’s more a realistic (and boring) aspect of game development resource management *yawn*. We’ve got our eyes peeled on the HD community though - and our desire is to take it further.


Great! So there is some upcoming game we can look forward to :)) That’s a good message. But don’t you dare to forget about HD while making that hot title! :stuck_out_tongue:

Punisher is great at wiping cyborg patrols.

Reloading is a pain but I’ve always had a fun time with the weapon.

Yes, reloading can be a pain but after a few hours playing Punisher you don’t mind anymore and yeah its great weapon against Cyborgs and Illuminates.

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While I know this isn’t a realistic possibility, I used to have this dream Arrowhead’s next game would be like a ‘perpendicular’ spinoff of Helldivers. That it would be its own game, and yet still tie into the global Helldivers campaign.

That way, people could flock to the new game, Helldivers fanatics could remain with what we love now, and yet we’d all still be contributing to one global campaign. :slight_smile:

My gut feeling based on the Arrowhead CEO’s cryptic quotes about the secret project – that it’s “next level” stuff – is that more likely it’s either off a new game engine or it’s substantially fancier graphics because it no longer needs to support PS3 or Vita. And so in that case it seems like any “interconnection” with Helldivers’ existing campaign seems unlikely. And as a PC-only player now, I guess my other concern is whether the Secret Project gets a PC release at all.

When people beg for Helldivers 2, I don’t think they realize that a successful sequel might render Helldivers’ campaign truly barren of players. Or maybe a sequel wouldn’t be able to pull fans away from the first game and thus would struggle to succeed. I’ve seen this happen with MMORPG sequels and ARPG sequels, among other genres. So to some extent I’d almost prefer the new game be its own thing.

And yet, I still can’t help wishing the secret project and Helldivers could somehow tie together. :slight_smile: Like I don’t know, maybe a fun air combat game that ties into the same universe.

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We are not developing that, but I have a concept doc on this computer for exactly what you’re describing. Helldivers universe, Star Fox inspired game play with connections to the galactic campaign. :slight_smile:

WIP title for that doc is “Eagles of Democracy”.

Then again, I have about 20 concept docs on this computer :smiley: