Is there anything more to expect?


The Arrowhead chief is torturing us Helldivers fans again! :sob::grin:

No, that’s great. Throw enough good “spaghetti concepts” at the wall, I’m sure something eventually “sticks.” :slight_smile:

I’ve blabbed in other forums there’s always some danger in trying to veer popular games into other genres. You can end up with junk like XCOM space combat and FPS games. And there’s probably a reason Blizzard nixed its proposed Starcraft: Ghost 3rd person action game.

I blanche when players suggest doing Helldivers as an FPS.

You can end up with maybe decent games (like the Halo Strike isometric twin-stick games, and Halo Wars RTS games), but lose most of the playerbase that made the original famous (Halo FPS games on XBox).

I could suggest a Helldivers collectible card game, and pinball game and so forth. The mind reels. Sometimes it’s best to stay on the original path. :grin:


Appreciate the replies NeverShift.
I think we can all see that the game hasn’t been fully left dead in the water considering the Twitter and other community fronts are still active (dev side). I personally do not feel any reason to go back and play anytime soon without new content but community activity is always great.


I love HD so much! Instead of a HD2, I’d love that the dev team just keep upgrading the already good game. Add more stuff as time went on seems like the perfect idea to me. I’d love to see stuff like having 6 strat instead of 4, new species or stuff like that, but I’d be happy if Arrowhead just keeps the game alive with new stuff every now and then.


I was just noticing last night when I was looking at @Citizen_Graves’ picture of the Helldivers ending looked reminiscent of the Star Fox 64 ending, then I read this. Great game. Both great games.


I loved Star Fox 64 (also the original Star Fox with its rather… abstract… visuals). I’d play a space combat shooter set in the Helldivers univers. :slight_smile:

Also, I have a better quality version of that gif on my gfycat-account.


I would definitely be interested in a game that explores Helldivers universe space combat!


Yeah they’ve been talking about a new game for what feels like ages now. I haven’t been able to get diddly squat out of’em about it. I’d say they’ve been working on it for about a year though so maybe we will get something in 2018/19 :eyes:


Just remember this - admittedly cryptic - Feb. 2017 Tweet exchange by the Arrowhead CEO :grinning:


Any update on the shredder fix? Would really appreciate knowing when we can expect it to arrive.