June 30th, 2020: Cross-play feature PS3/PS4 still available?

On June 30th, 2020, the PS3 will be removed from the PlayStation ecosystem.


  • PS3 users will no longer be able to send messages to PS4 or Vita users, nor receive messages from them.
  • All PS3 activities on PSN (connection, game alerts) will be deactivated: PS4 or Vita users will no longer be able to see if PS3 friends are connected (both on XMB and PS Messages App)

My question is:

If PS3 users become “invisible” on the PSN and can’t communicate with PS4/Vita devices, will it have an incidence on the Helldivers cross-play feature?

I hope not, because it will mean the death of Helldivers on PS3… :cry:

Thanks in advance if someone has an answer.

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my ps3 ps4 crossplay on. _2020-07-03

As planned, since June 30th, I can’t send messages to PS4 friends nor receive messages from them (through XMB).

This still seems to work: my PS4 friends still see me on their XMB friends list, and PS3 activity is still displayed in the PS Messages App.

Maybe the removal process is not yet fully completed in Europe?

I don’t know where you see that all PS3 Activities on PSN will be terminated, it’s only about “Message Exchange Service Between PS3 and other Platforms“

“ * PS3 Game Alerts will no longer be shown on PS4 or PlayStation Messages App.

  • PS3 users will be able to continue to use the messages feature with other PS3 users.
  • PS4, PS Vita, PlayStation Messages App and My PlayStation users will be able to continue to use the messages feature.”

I thought “Game Alerts” was related to:

  • online notifications (e.g. “PS3 Friend is now online”) not displayed anymore on PS4
  • PS3 user online status not displayed anymore on the PS Messages app, if the user is only connected to PSN through its PS3.

Moreover, on PS3, it’s not possible to see PS4 friends who are connected to PSN, unlike PS4 users who see their PS3 friends.
I thought that would have been also deactivated.

Well, good news, if it’s only the messages.

But then, what means “Game Alerts”? :shushing_face:

Oh I see the confusion! “Game alerts” are an (essentially) unused feature of PS4, I think it’s a way of sending somebody a challenge to beat in a game, or that you beat their time in a game.