(June 7, 2018: Patch Magicka update on Steam

The original Magicka got a minor fixes patch on Steam June 7:

I never was able to get into the game, just didn’t grasp the controls for spellcasting very well.

I was curious who works on the game’s updates now, I assume Arrowhead’s no longer involved. I guess maybe the publisher Paradox?

I am unsure. It may possibly be Paradox inhouse, or it may be Pieces Interactive.

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The original Magicka got a major fixes. Shop! Skins! Casino! And more: now the “critical error” magicka casts itself. So you don’t even need to play the game! RIP, Magicka.
Played it around 150 hours. Arrowhead, your game was perfect.
Only thing I still don’t get: what kind of protection I have by using earth+ice armor.
And how to get a robe from “bathrobe dlc”, lol. Now it’s too late.
Pieces Interactive - you say. Fine.

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