Kick player mechanic expiration

Hi devs,

i want to ask how actual kick player/ban mechanics is realized as for today? Do you put some kind of expiration date on player bans?

I see that question as important because sometimes players tend to kick each other with intention to get rid of the player for the current match, but not permanently. For example, i was consequtivly commended and kicked just ten minutes ago (which kinda push me to open the topic), but it wasnt the first time somewhat like that happened. Playerbase is obviously is much more narrow then on release, so i see it as possible issue.

What i propose is to set progressing expiration period to player bans. I guess it shouldnt be hard to implement on almost any backend.

I dont really know who i can adress for that kind of proposal, so @ForeverAPeon, can you please look into that?

The ban expires once the host quit the game and boot it up again. It’s just to prevent kicked players from instant re-join and revenging on the players.

Thanks a lot! For some reason i thought it was implemented through backend, but it makes much more sense now.

I have found an official statement on that and it’s described in the Patch 5.0.6.

“Blocked users in Steam: The game now remembers the player’s unique Steam Id. Note that there’s still no way to block users forever, the game only remembers kicked users until you exit the game.”

I assume this also applies to the PSN version and works quite similarly with the player’s ID.

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