Laconic Laser Sights


Yes, we all know about the Laser Sight perk. It is amongst the first to used, and the first to be discarded. Yet this humble perk offers excellent utility with two conventional weapons; the Camper and the Paragon.
The Laser Sight is of use here due to the inherent accuracy potential of both rifles. Conversely, it is of little value with shotguns, full automatic weapons-due to bullet spread, or energy weapons.
Certainly, any primary weapon choice can be thusly outfitted, however if precision shooting is in order, the best choices are those mentioned above.
The primary value of the sight in this case is to reduce friendly fire casualties, and to enhance kill percentage. With a little practice, the limited ammunition capacity of both the Paragon and the Camper can be used more effectively, risky low percentage shots can be successfully delivered, and long range shots can be deployed to neutralize enemies before they threaten your team.
In conclusion, the Laser Sight perk offers utility for precision shooting. If you enjoy making difficult shots, the Laser Sight can help. So why not dust it off, and give it a try?


I love when new players have it, I can see where they are aiming. But not much use in mouse n keyboard combo because it is easy to aim . I think it is more for game pad players, pure fun or if somebody wants to get really precise regardless of mouse/keyboard or game pad, bit I didn’t see that very offten .


I tend to take Laser Aim Module perk when I want to do 1 rank challenge on Helldive difficulty (Laser Aim Module, AR-19 Liberator, A/MG-II Minigun Turret, Resupply, MG-94 Machine Gun and Vindicator Dive Bomb).

I must say I really like lasers attached to the guns and from time to time I bring it into the battle even though I can take “risk” shots without killing or damaging any of my friendlies. Also Laser is great to scary my friends as well, If I will aim at them all the time haha.


Oh god, i havent used the laser sight in ages! It was a firm favourate until i got the smoke grendes and then the teleporter perk.

I would use it again, but i feel it’d do more harm than good…gotten used to not relying on it.
And i like using the M2016 Constitution xD


It certainly is not essential to choose the Laser Sight. It isn’t something for all styles of play, the way that resupply is essential, for instance.
There is one additional benefit when choosing it, one’s sidearm will also come thusly equipped.
Speaking only for myself, this little benefit has allowed me to survive the downed state, where attackers focus upon your character, more than once. It helps to find the targets through the confusion of battle.
I don’t find many who use the Laser, most opt for higher profile perks, but it is useful, and for myself, it has increased my enjoyment of the game.


I just use it so I can visually confirm how far projectiles will go. The dot shows the weapon’s maximum range.