Let Us Defend Super-Earth Again! ( By Decreasing Enemy Master Bonus Influence?)

So, does anyone else wish we would get to defend Super Earth? I don’t know if many players would get excited about this type of event, but I know I would, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who complained about not having seen Super Earth during their entire Helldiving career.

So, Ive been thinking: could it be that the reason we always stop hostile counter-assaults on our own planets be the fact that Enemy Master fights can give suge a huge amount of bonus influence?

I ask because I just witnessed a failing defense (on New Moscow, I believe) against the Cyborgs succeed at the last second, even though enemies were clearly ahead. Is that because of people winning Enemy Master fights?

I suppose it wouldn’t even matter that many players tend to simply cheese this particular Master, just winning a couple of these during a Defend Event would suffice.

Or am I wrong in assuming that the Bonus Influence from Enemy Masters counts towards our Defend Events? And is it 150 Bonus Influence per player (for a combined total of up-to 600)?

Does anyone have any other ideas maybe?


Hmm… I’m pretty sure boss fights don’t help defend events. Only defend planet influence counts towards those events if I’m not mistaken? Or at least I thought the game said that somewhere, but maybe not.

But yeah, I’ve never been to Super Earth before either; I’ve seen videos and heard it’s nice though. I think they’re just daytime city levels, right?

As for the whole aggregate thing, that’s a good point I don’t think I’ve thought of before. Now that I think about boss fights, yeah, each player is rewarded “+150 Bonus Influence”, unlike regular planets that just give out influence over the whole team as a single unit.

If so… 600 influence as opposed to 36 influence for perfect Hell Dive planets. Yikes.

This is correct, however, you win back regions pretty fast if people go Master farming (which some people do). Once the Enemy Masters came on and the Galactic Campaign scaling was made better per number of active players, I don’t think any enemies have reached Super Earth.

The only way to guarantee it would be to ignore one faction long enough (maybe even intentionally losing those Defend events) that they can advance on regions and reach Super Earth.

Visually Super Earth is a variant of the normal City maps the way Kepler Prime is a variant of Desert maps and Squ’bai Shrine a variant on Forest maps and Cyberstan a variant on Snow maps. I know I have some videos uploaded to YouTube and I probably tagged them with Super Earth so should be easy to find if you just want to see what they look like.

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War 3 - i’ve still got the scars
Who was it used to sign his posts ‘even though we lost, it’s still my favorite war’? (or something like that , i’m thinking rdhight but i could be wrong)
I can relate to that, getting hammered left right and centre trying to claw back regions while still a fairly raw recruit. I’m sure many put an extra shift in when super earth was under attack… . good times

I would love another chance to Attack… Err, I mean Defend Super Earth

I think it was Lord Heresy or maybe NALS_86. One of the regulars on the original PS Community forums.

I haven’t seen super earth get destroyed in the longest time. There was a period where it burned at the end of every war and we would have to find a new planet to call super earth. Haha. Those were the days.

I feel bad for Divers that have never been privileged enough to defend Super Earth. I find the RS missions very difficult, but the map on Super Earth for RS where you fight in a big circle around the Helldivers statue from the intro credit scene?? My favorite map by far! :grinning:

You can get City RS from Defend Planet missions, with Helldivers Statue too. :slight_smile:

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