Let's say someone joined into your game, and they don't have the right gear for whatever reason (like mines on RS). What is in your opinion the correct course of action?

  • Finish the mission with them and talk to them afterwards
  • Ask them to leave and come back with better suited gear
  • Abort the mission (if not later than 1 minute after start)
  • Kick them

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It depends on the performance of him, because some experienced players can finish the mission well with random loadout.

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Fifth option: LET’S ROCK!!


None of the above ‘vote’ options listed.
If they are genuinely trying then leave them to deal with the adds / objectives / reinforce / extra ammo? / aggro enemies etc…
Other members surely can deal with the AT needs.

Embrace the Chaos.

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If I kick, it’s because people bring too strong gear like the Rumbler or AT-47. I play at the highest difficulties because I want the game to be challenging. The “right” gear makes it too easy and honestly I’m amazed that even most rank 50’s only play with such loadouts.

I’d rather fail the mission with weaker loadouts than fall asleep out of boredom with nothing to do. Someone playing with less seen loadouts is much more impressive than pushing the win button with the Rumbler, so I definitely won’t kick them.


I wish all people in-game would be as nice as you. There is a certain person that I know is on this forum and they kick people for no reason, so this is the least agressive way I can think of to make them think about their actions.

imho, the place to point things out is right on the ship loadout screen; although because Helldivers is a “drop-in co-op” game, you don’t always have that opportunity.

In a PUG a while back, I politely told one player “all terrain boots don’t help on sand.” :joy: He laughed in acknowledgement and changed to something more useful.

I think people appreciate suggestions, but they don’t generally like getting bossed around or told what they should bring. I like to use humor to get my point across instead, even if I’ve been told more than once “you’re not as funny as you think you are!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Exactly this, and I kick often. I’m nicer on PC because I have the option to ask them to come back with a different loadout mid-game. It’s nothing personal but I’m completely bored playing with AT-47, Rumblers, Static etc… I’m much happier failing than playing over powered and “winning”. I’ll kick twenty lvl 50 “veterans” with rumblers in a row and keep the lvl 10 noob with their wacky loadout that they put no thought into. Normally I end up using them as bait but I figure they have to learn somehow.

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I have my reasons…everyone else has their own reasons for kicking as well.

Kicking has never really sat well with me.
I have somewhere near 500 hrs playtime and have used it maybe a dozen times at the most.
I understand why the option is there and if someone is genuinely ruining your game then have at it but using it to shuffle the random player deck seems kinda cold.
Surely playing solo or with friends if you have specific requirements or restrictions on your playstyle is better than alienating someone who was wanting to help and maybe ending up on their blocked players list?

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It is cold, and in the case of myself and other players who prefer to play with handicapped loadouts (especially on RS) it could easily be remedied by allowing the host to set loadout parameters. If you go to join the game and see that rumbler, static, trident etc… is grayed out and not selectable than you could leave or stay and no feelings get hurt. But it’s not that way, and kicking during mid game is the fastest way to deal with it. I play for maybe an hour on occasion before I have to get back to life things. Why would I waste time playing in a situation I don’t find enjoyable or challenging when I could just quickly deal with the situation? To me playing with a whole team of trident/rumbler/static players on lvl15 is like going back and playing lvl 1-5 missions. I’m not saying I’m an awesome player or anything but the challenge just isn’t there when playing along with players that have over powered loadouts.


I got kicked several times for using Trident, which I know the weapon itself got a lot of hate for it, but unless you are like the player No Trident, no one would really know, and it doesn’t help you don’t type your requirement instead of keep shooting with Breaker for no reason.

Maybe they should have a small description at each mission what kind of weapon is acceptable in each game, so people are more aware before they join.

That said, I once bring AT 47 to a Cyborg RS, and I was going to use it until I saw another player got blasted by the host with EAT when he summon his AT 47 to the arena. I was like, OK, I guess I am not using this anymore… lol. Only have Static, shield, and C4 to work for the rest of RS, good times.

I think what bothers me about kicking in all games is often it’s simply a knee jerk reaction to an innocent mistake or sloppy play by someone who’s for example not used to friendly fire in a game.

Somewhere I mentioned the handful of times I ever kicked anyone in HD included one time for constant verbal abuse of our squadmates (for whatever reason, he didn’t direct the abuse at me, but I don’t put up with that behavior even if I’m not the target); and once where clearly some turkey was ‘pvp’ sniping at us the squadmates, which of course is bad and doesn’t really accomplish anything. I never kicked anyone because I didn’t approve of their choices of weapons and stratagems.

So to me kicking for reasons beyond someone clearly being sort of “link dead” (not really able to move in game but taking up a slot for example) oughta be more a Action of Last Resort.

I just am kind of bothered (and not just in HD, but in lots of different types of games, including Killing Floor 2) when I feel like people just kick-kick-kick for no discernible reason. Or perhaps because they’re waiting for a pal and don’t know how to set up a private or friends-only session in a given game. This became much more prevalent in KF2 in recent years, and I don’t play it as much as I used to, because of that.