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Post your region and play times to invade the darkness with other Adventurers :slight_smile:

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Western Europe, GMT+1 from ~4pm until whenever.
This game needs more players.


You may get some more soon when we give out codes to posters in the Grand Opening thread! :slight_smile:


There is alot of people playing when it goes on special plus there is an unofficial Steam Group and Discord… Hope that helps :smiley:


Gauntlet has the distinction of being an Arrowhead co-op game without any friendly fire, but it was still shared-screen and required strong co-op group to succeed the tougher challenges because the players shared the extra-lives.

That’s right, no unlimited Reinforce like you have in Helldivers and Magicka. You could only re-enter the battlefield if you have Skull Coins accumulated. I believe this was done to mimic the Arcade heritage of Gauntlet game where you could continue by dropping in more coins to your Arcade machine.

The toughest campaign challenge in Gauntlet for me was to beat Morak on hard. It took many tries but with a group of 3 that kept trying, we eventually did manage to beat him.

Beyond the story campaign levels, one cool replay value I enjoyed in the game was the inclusion of 18 addition capes you can unlock by completing the Colosseum mode challenges. If you play the game for 18 days straight completing all the challenges with each of the 5 playable characters you can get them all.

Lastly it has an Endless Mode where trophy / achievement wise, the challenge is to get to 50th floor but players much more skilled than I have proven they can go much higher. Getting past 20th floor or so will get increasingly tougher without a strong group of co-op players each specializing in their chosen class (Warrior, Archer, Wizard, etc).

The first bunch of floors are easier, but also opportunity to stock up on those Skull Coins because later on you when you start to face the tougher floors you will end up needing them. The endless levels also had an element of procedurally generated so while replaying could feel familiar, it wasn’t exactly the same each time.

For anyone that hasn’t given Gauntlet a try yet, I do think it is worth recommending. Especially if you have a solid group of friends and like a good challenge.

One last thing I should mention is that as with the other Arrowhead games it is also skill based, so no typical RPG stat type upgrading / advantages that over time tank you and make game easier. So unlike something like Diablo III, Gauntlet will remain tough unless you can skill up and each of the 5 playable characters play and can even control very differently and different players in the group must pick different classes to play together.

I call dibs on the Warrior, cause more for Thor!


Just wanted to say that I was one of the lucky ones to be up at the crack of dawn when the forums opened, and I received a code for Gauntlet: Slayer Edition.

Amazing game!!! Thoroughly enjoyed my first play through which was about 80% solo. A full team takes the game to the next level, but it was tough at times to find other players. I played through as the Valkyrie, and she fit my playstyle perfectly. I don’t know whether to play through as the Dwarf or Barbarian next. :slight_smile:


I don’t want to be bothering you guys. But don’t make this forum confused please :smiley: This is LFG topic (Looking for a group) Not PYR (Post your review) :stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoyed revisiting Gauntlet last night, and as I mentioned in my “lessons learned” thread on this, now I’m thinking I should’ve asked for Gauntlet keys as the forum welcome gift thing, rather than Showdown Effect. I was just trying to be an “Arrowhead completist” I guess. :upside_down_face:

Anyway, Gauntlet LFG! For now. :grinning: East Coast US.


YOPG and me have been playing quite a few co-op sessions last few days. We’d love for some other folks here to join us. :grinning:

Look us up on Steam if you’re not already on our Steam friends lists. I’m OK with Valkyrie-Elf-Warrior. Some day I’ll to actually grasp Wizard-use. :grinning: 'll return to Helldivers soon enough but I’ve got like 354 hours in that and now maybe 29 hours in Gauntlet, so I’m catching up on lost time. :slight_smile:


A few months ago I joined unofficial Gauntlet Discord server, it was created by Gauntlet Veterans. Been watching it since now and I can 100% recommend this server! LFG works very quick there as well and it’s not spammed by any memes or off-topic stuff.

If you want to find experienced Gauntlet heroes or just discuss Gauntlet: SE make sure to join!
Unofficial Gauntlet Discord

Arrowhead folks are also welcome, it’s the biggest Gauntlet server. Would like to see it Official even though Gauntlet development is finished.

I’m also up to play Gauntlet. I’m not the best, but I’m always happy to help. Feel free to invite me on steam so we can play Gauntlet!
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