LFG: Magicka



Looking for your very own Merlin? Look no further! Post your region and time to find like-minded wizards to join you on your crazy adventures.

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I have Magicka on Steam and I find it playable with both Keyboard & Mouse or just using Controller. I have played a fair bit of it solo for lack of other players I am able to find and play it with (since such an old game at this point) but in my opinion it still holds up incredibly well and I would love to continue or even re-start from first level to go through it together with a co-op group.

There is also a ton of DLC content that I have never tried. So, if interested, let’s party up. My information is below

You can find me on Steam here. I can predictably have play time available on most Saturday and Sunday mornings (US Central Time). I also play something or other most evenings but it isn’t consistent.


I have Magika on steam, I have only played with mouse and keyboard as of now, (controllers are next). Im brand new to the game, keep pressing W to go up because of helldivers, but I think I could learn.
My steam can be found Here and I usually am on during the weekends PST


I saw and accepted your friend request on Steam. Weekend PST morning should be fine to get some common play time together. I got a thing going for Sunday mornings with some PSN friends playing through the Trine games, but Saturday morning I will try to be on and look for you to get into some Magicka together.