LFG: Showdown Effect



The first rule of The Showdown Effect is: You post here about The Showdown Effect.

The second rule of The Showdown Effect is: YOU POST HERE ABOUT THE SHOWDOWN EFFECT!

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After loving everything about Helldivers, I got interested in all of Arrowhead games and so I got and played through Gauntlet and Magicka (also the sequel by another developer), all of which I found to be worthwhile fun games.

Then I got to The Showdown Effect. The problem I had with The Showdown Effect was that nobody else seemed to be playing it when I tried and I think it is a purely competitive multiplayer game outside of the tutorial, so I ended up getting a Stream refund on it.

If this LFG group can find a few players willing to band together, get and try the game together, I would love to give it another try.


I have lots of keys to share if they’re needed!

Edit: I’ve made what I suspect to be the third LFG Discord server for The Showdown Effect, join up if that’s your jam:

Discord: Join The Showdown Effect_LFG


Anyone here can let me know too if you want to try the game at some point, and needs a key. I’d be happy to share from our leftover ones with all of you!


Sure! I would like to try Showdown Effect!


fwiw, I (perhaps without thinking) asked for Showdown Effect key as my ‘introduce myself to the new forum’ award. We each got 4 keys of it, to ensure in theory finding other players to play it with.

YOPG I could give you a Showdown Effect key on Steam next time I see you.

I would’ve asked for Helldivers key but my last few attempts to gift the game were to people who never really gave the game a shot, or in one case the guy to this day has never even installed it. I think I may just give out modest-amount Steam e-gift cards to a few pals this holiday season and avoid the “gift a game to the recipient, who never plays the game” syndrome. :tired_face:


Yes plz Id love a copy if its still available…?


Hi there!

I was looking up the Showdown Effect to introduce to some friends at a LAN party two weeks from now (used to be a weekend staple for my old roommates & I), and was surprised it’s no longer listed on Steam. Was hoping to take you up on your offer, but I know that 9 keys is a big ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you still check this!