LHO-63 "Camper" Sniper build thread

Heyo there fellow Helldivers, I have started on a new project related to the fabled game, the Camper sniper rifle.

I haven’t made anything for over a year, last thing was the EXO-44 in December of 2016. So to christen this year with a new build I’ll do more Helldiver related mugguffins.
Enjoy, I’ll be posting updates through the build.


Got a mag in this thing finally aha.


Do you take commissions? Lol

Looking forward to seeing the finished result

I wonder if you can utilize some of the Nintendo Labo stuff like Toy-Con Garage to give your cardboard creations some interactive elements.

I’m open to commissions but since this is the first prop in a long while I’ll have to have a pretty good track record of props the first few months of this year to confidently open commissions.

And as for the labo stuff, eh I’ve only done one model with electronics and it’s a bit too late now to add in and fancy dooda’s in the sniper. Maybe I’ll make the strat radio and have a sound board on it that makes beeps and boops like I’m frantically trying to call in a reinforce.

Got a barrel now.


Added in the gas block area on the camper, I should sleep.


Awesome dude. I can’t remember what it was, but I remember watching one of your videos some time ago where you showed how you were making this type of stuff. Very impressive.

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The Helldiverette and I are also planning to do some Helldivers cosplay. Found your DeviantArt page a while back. Great stuff.

Kinda iffy on actually making the armor/helmet myself though, that’s some skills and hand-eye coordination I am currently wasting on playing the game XD

The Camper is one of my most favorite rifles in the game. It sports an aesthetic silhouette, commands great power, and is a joy to wield. I’m looking forward to further updates on this project, indeed.

Thank you all for the motivating comments.
I do remember those videos too myself, I removed them because they didn’t really fit what my channel was, but now since I’ve uploaded whatever junk onto it I might be more lenient with uploads.

I’d recommend practising on how you cut things. Cardboard is basically free so bide your time. If you plan on making armour do use EVA flooring mats, they’re malleable and flexible when passed with a heat gun. I recommend also checking out Punished Props, they have a lot of foamsmithing tutorials and an actual book on it. Here’s the DA who made the assets for Helldivers; https://oskarkuijken.deviantart.com/

Gotta love using it in close quarters.

Start on the muzzle break.

Adding more detail to the break.

Newly made muzzle break added to the end of the barrel.

Camper being compared to the Liberator.

Started work on the scope itself.

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Libby looks awesome! If that’s what your final products look like the Camper will be quite something.

This is really cool! Do you plan on putting actual lenses (is that what you call it?) in the scope?

Scope mounting in progress.
Scope mounting complete.

Yes! Finally completed the building segment of the Camper. Was a long one I’ll say. Estimated time to build probably was about a week, honestly took 3 days just to make the main body and the barrel.
As per tradition, I took photos with my much better camera, the phone didn’t do it justice.

Next after all this is to paper mache the booger. Will start that tomorrow.





Sorry man, no lenses in this, I’m a magic man but my powers are limited.

Aye thanks, I do pride myself on making paint lines super crisp and uniform.

Thank you for posting this project. The photos do a good job illustrating the work required, and I get a sense for the shaping and fitting, which adds to my appreciation of the effort behind this build.
HD commands some pretty dedicated fans. I doubt AH knew this would happen, but now they can add talented to the dedicated.
Can’t wait to view the final finish.

noticed that lho-63 looks like svd-63