Liberty Day 2018 Content Update (3 new difficulty planets, 3 new enemies, new disposable MG stratagem)

For those living under a rock…

I gotta hand it to Arrowhead though – content update goes up today (PC/Steam), campaign ends, and we’re immediately stuck with my least favorite enemy class. Gah! (Illuminates) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On positive, we made quick work of Cyberstan today with the new surge of players (returning or otherwise) and by tomorrow (Liberty Day) there will be two of the enemy factions available.

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happy liberty day


:helldivers: Happy Liberty Day! :helldivers:

Looking forward to see people on the stream tonight, I’ll be there playing and hanging out in the chat :slight_smile:


We appreciate all the hard work by the devs to give us some new stuff and help attract players old and new. :smiley:

While I feel almost bad about being cranky in forums recently about “we’re not getting anything, they’re too busy with the new game! Stop dreaming!”, I guess it helped inadvertently to serve as a “smoke screen” for the new goodies. :slight_smile:

I never saw this coming. The timing is unreal. It’s simply badass!

Happy Liberty Day!

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Happy Liberty day

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Power. RARRGH! :slight_smile:

Thanks to this pick-up group for sticking through three often messy 13-difficulty Bug missions and getting me over the hump to the MGX-42:

  • Ces
  • LMA000
  • (ZD) Karuma

One thing I notice today (Saturday) now that campaign transitioned to invasion events with Cyborgs and Bugs – maybe should’ve added the last new difficulty (15) to the invasion event offerings?

Those still are limited to Helldives as the hardest difficulty so the new difficulty levels aren’t available during these events.

Meaning “Very High Enemy Presence” (Hell Dive) is the toughest you can pick now. Maybe “Super High Enemy Presence” (Inner Circle of Hell) could be added? Or maybe it’s just too much of a game engine change. :slight_smile:

Is there any limit to the number of times we can drop the MGX-42 in during a mission? I didn’t see a number on the icon’s corner like the ones that can only be used X times during a session.

I did realize I can’t equip this and my previous Demolisher packs at the same time, so it requires me to re-think my loadouts if I want to enjoy the MGX-42. :slight_smile:

I gotta say that the way the campaign works – and it’s random so I know Arrowhead can do nothing about – just wasn’t conducive to the new Liberty Day stuff or to Free Weekend Players getting a good taste of the game.

Meaning the campaign just starting during the prime LIberty Day Hours on Steam, so only the one faction (Illuminates available for a long period) so no access to unlocking the new MGX-42 stratagem.

And then multiple alien home planet invasion events entirely locking out access to the MGX-42 stratagem again and also locking out access to the 3 new difficulty levels much of the weekend.

And then a lot of us trying to keep up answering questions from free weekend players on 'why does the game make so much content and alien factions unavailable?" and “why can’t I access any of the new Liberty Day stuff?”

That said, I also saw posts from new players who did ‘get’ the appeal of the game right away and already bought the game and DLC. Which is what we all want. :sunglasses:

I’m just saying the way the campaign works doesn’t necessarily do the best job of indocrinating ‘free weekend’ players. Some sort of Forum “New Players” FAQ sticky might’ve helped; or maybe more guidance in-game for new players on just how the campaign works.

I think veteran players (and possibly the devs) forget just how completely confusing and baffling the campaign system can be to new players. I remember just how frustrated/lost I felt on Vita in spring 2015, and it was only extensive PSN forum research that finally enlightened me. :slight_smile:

There is no new mech :disappointed_relieved: