Liberty Day 2019 in 2 months

Liberty Day 2019 (Oct 26) is a Saturday for me, so I’ll be free to commemorate the special day making new gaming memories playing lots of Helldivers. I’ll split my playtime between PS4 and PC Steam.

Anybody interested in Spreading Managed Democracy reply here so we can plan together to group up and enjoy the special day together.

Edited 10/5

My kids are in Science Olympiad this year and the invitational involves travel to Austin on the weekend of Oct 26th ( ). I’ll take my non-gaming potato laptop and PS-Vita so hopefully I can still play some on Liberty Day at the end of long day of gathering science samples with the kids.

Any chance Super Earth can port Helldivers to Tesla? Cuphead works great on there and supports 2 DS4 controllers for local co-op… just saying :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, I’m up. :slight_smile:

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Reporting for duty (once again :wink: ). o7


I will give you a game only ps4 though sorry


As long as there’s free liber-tea I down for anything!

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Liber-tea is always free as long as you are willing to pay everything for it