Liberty Day 2020 Competition

Hey guys,

Even though we aren’t releasing any new content, we still hope people will continue to enjoy Helldivers.

As a small something, and especially to keep our spirits up during corona, we will be giving away multiple codes to 10 winners so that they can play with friends and family.

One lucky winner will also receive 4 signed capes from the AH founders, to share out amongst your real life squad :relaxed:

If you want to enter the competition and have the chance to win check out this form



I’m not going to participate so the others have a chance, but I’m going to wish good luck to you all! :slight_smile:


woops well I participated but this is still epic thanks!


Please let there still be fireworks on the title screen for Liberty Day!! It’s such a nice touch. :slight_smile:


Hey I filled the document but it said: Something went wrong. But after I tried it again it said, that I already filled the document. I however screenshotted my answer for my friend and I really took care of it. Could I send it to you in some other way? Thanks much

Liberty Day is special for us Helldivers fans. Thanks for keeping it going with new content, live streams, and various contests over the years. I hope this tradition can continue at any scale for as long as there are enthusiastic Helldivers that look forward to celebrating this day with the community or their friends / family.

Today I fondly remember how Democracy Strikes Back released on Liberty Day in 2015 followed shortly by the release of the game on PC Steam. I remember the live streams I was able to participate in 2016 & 2018. I remember the Hell Dive I went on with my family of four who were all rusty on the game to celebrate Liberty Day 2017. I also remember Liberty Day 2019 was all about the lead up and release of new Proving Grounds missions and addition of random loadouts and presets.

For Liberty Day 2020, I don’t have any specific plans, but I know I will be playing and enjoying Helldivers along with many others waiting for more news about Arrowheads next game :cowboy_hat_face:


send me a PM on here with the screenshot, I’ll take a look at the responses. The form only needed your email and response, so it should be easy enough to check :slight_smile:


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I also sent it to Arrowhead contact email. I really don’t need to win the compet. I really want Helldivers team read, what I wrote. I really appreciate your work with game :slight_smile:

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