Liberty Day 2020 Ideas

The 5th HD anniversary is just around the corner and here are my ideas of what could be tweaked and improved for veterans.


  • IFVs brought back to RS above 12 difficulty
  • Hounds more common at 13+
  • Comrades brought back at 13+ and mixed with Immolators creating a good enemy synergy
  • Different Warlords spawn locations (Warlords spawning in one, the same spot is a great opportunity to throw Thunderer, Static Field, Heavy Airstrike, or just spam Rumbler and destroy them all without effort)
  • AC-3 Arc Thrower & AC-5 Arc Shotgun should be able to hurt Legionnaires


  • Council Members guaranteed each alarm at 13+ difficulty


  • Behemoths more common at 15 difficulty
  • Behemoths and Brood Commanders should be immune to the toxic


  • M-25 Rumbler decreased ammunition in the “clip” and overall
  • LAS-13 Trident shortened range by half (it’s supposed to be a shotgun)
  • Heavy Armor higher damage resistance (currently there is no use for this perk, it’s just too weak and the trade of movement speed too high to choose it)
  • FLAM-24 Pyro increased damage
  • MC-109 Hammer Motorcycle increased health
  • M5 APC increased damage and fire rate to match AC-22 Dum-Dum’s recent buff

Some good ideas here. I would be careful not to cater to the veteran players too much though. New/casual players should be able to enjoy OP weapons. That said I really don’t like how (bug missions particularly) I can find myself often walking in the middle of 3 tridents pud-pud-pudding the edges of the screen eliminating any possibility of scouts as we move.

Edit: I would ask for fixing the reinforce bug where it doesn’t work, PS3 Illuminate RS13s slowdown is hardcore.

I might add ability of Arc Thrower to break or even chain on Council hadoukens. Currently it has no interaction with them energy balls whatsoever, which renders it somewhat useless for high illuminates lvls.