Liberty Day 2020 in 1 month (10/26)

Of what has been, the hope of what will be?

We shall find out in 1 months time

What treasures will be brought and what tears will be wrought


I hope they won’t add the saber in the regular missions. I don’t want to see people going in the line of fire all the time, swinging their sabers like crazy. :confused:

What I’d really like to see:

  • Custom controls on consoles (mainly on PS3, because there is no Accessiblity settings like on PS4), so it would be finally possible to set the Sprint on the X button (for my part, Helldivers broke two left sticks because of too much use of the L3 button)

  • A fix for the numerous crashes during the saving process (maybe because of the cross-saving routine which seems to crash just at the beginning of the mission results screen). It happens a lot more since the 7.00 update, and corrupts the save file way more often: it happened two times yesterday in the same game session for me on PS3, and one time for a friend on PS4 (the problem happens both on PS3 and PS4).

Everything else that could be added would be a bonus. :relaxed:


I would love to use Saber outside of the Proving Grounds, but I can see it creating more issues than it’s worth.


I think it would be well received to be able to use the Modifiers from Proving Grounds and use them any where else in the game. I don’t mind if that is limited to local multiplayer or friends multiplayer.

That said, that isn’t what I am looking for from Liberty Day. What I want is to be surprised by whatever Arrowhead chooses to do and for the community to have something to celebrate together, even if that is just a day of live streaming with the game developers, doing Q&A, maybe finally getting information about their next game?

Anything that would be a surprise :wink:


Last year, we got a teasing 15 days before the Liberty Day (Oct 11th, 2019). Will it be the same for 2020?

Maybe silly to say that, but October is now my favourite and most anticipated month of the year. :sweat_smile:

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That would be spoiling the surprise, wouldn’t it? :smiley: I actually love the atmosphere and excitement of new content (if any) till the actual Liberty Day.


It’s about time!

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