Liberty Day 2020

To our Wonderful Community, Dedicated Divers and Courageous Citizens,

Now we are in October. That means only one thing for Helldivers: Liberty Day.

Sadly this year we won’t be adding new content to the game. We wanted to let you guys know early on so that there’s no false hope or disappointment on the day.

We love supporting the game and this community. Having released free updates every year, for the past four years, is something we are very proud of. This year, however, we need to focus all of our attention and resources on the big project we are working on.

NONETHELESS we are still planning on celebrating Liberty Day at Arrowhead! We will invite you to take part in some fun shenanigans as usual on and around the day. So keep an eye out on our social media!

Tomas Wahlström
Community Director


No Liberty Day, but Helldivers II: A New Fight revealed soon. :sunglasses:

I’m ok with that.



Thank you for creating such a great game and for continued support for the past five years. You truly are the best devs ever. :slight_smile:



End of an era. The crazy good support and content lasted waaaaaay longer than any of us ever expected. We hope the next game is the best. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Per adrua ad Democracy Comrades!


This was a little unexpected and sad news for sure but hey at least there will always be fireworks :smile:


Honestly, it’s just amazing AH keeps the global campaign operating, given that Helldivers’ Bitsquad/Autodesk 3-D gaming engine was retired in Jan. 2018 (

I still play lots of twin-stick overhead/isometric shooters, mostly roguelites – “I, Dracula, Genesis” is an awesome one by a small dev team sucking up my time now but has no co-op yet. But nobody else dev wise in the twin-stick category shows any interest in creating a true online co-op game (instead of something lazily hooking into Steam’s “remote play” feature, for example), with drop-in co-op, listed games to join or a global campaign that keeps a good number of players invested.

Nothing would’ve made me happier than Helldiver spawning a bunch of clones, but in terms of cloning how awesome and long-term-interest its online co-op play was, nobody has imho. Though maybe that’s mostly because most devs still investing in isometric/top down twin stick shooters are tiny indie devs without much resources. Sad. :frowning:

I might see if I can get in some Helldivers play time this weekend, but due to work Hell (get it? :D) on Mondays, I won’t likely be available on the actual Oct. 26 Liberty Day. :sob: