Liberty Day 2021

Happy Liberty Day fellow Helldivers

The best way to celebrate this auspicious day is to play more Helldivers


So, no news from Arrowhead? Hope they are doing well with the new IP though.


I think the most significant Arrowhead news (in recent memory) was mention of Helldivers 2 in the Nvidia leaked Geforce Now list in September, 2021.

The leak was confirmed to be real, but the games list said to be speculative. So either whomever mocked data for it is a fan and had wishful thinking when including Helldivers 2, or it is something that will one day be officially revealed coming to PC and Sony console near you.

many games on that list have been anounced already (gow on pc, bayo3 …), and the list was confirmed by nvidia. But they say that the games are not real to cover up his error. Helldivers 2 is coming!!