Liberty Day Cape Dance-Off!



You saw our video? At Super Earth Command we think WE are the best capedancers. Prove you’re better by accepting the capedance-off challenge and dance back! Basically we want to see you donning a cape and dancing.

The winners will receive a physical Helldivers cape + a digital in-game Community cape + a goodie box of Helldivers merchandise.

How to enter:

  1. Film yourself dancing
  2. Post your video in a reply to this thread (either embed it directly, or make sure it is watchable via a link)
  3. When the competition closes on Monday we will have a developer voting poll in the thread
  4. The top 2 entries will win and receive eternal glory


  • The competition closes on Monday 29th October morning at 9:00am CET and the thread will be locked. The developer poll will start on Monday and winners picked and announced no later than Wednesday 31st October.
  • You’re allowed a maximum number of 4 people in the video (each person in the video will receive a prize) and we don’t need to see your faces. If you want to wear a Helldivers helmet/alternative or cover yourself up then that’s okay! As long as we can see your “cape” and dancing skills :smiley:
  • You need to have an Arrowhead forum account to take part. It takes 1 minute to make one if you don’t already have one - we can’t accept anonymous entries. One entry per person (we can see if you’ve created multiple accounts to enter. You’ll be disqualified if you do this). Only videos posted in the designated thread will be counted. You can’t private message us with your video!





I forgot you could only post one lmao heres my favorite of the two i made


Good luck to all!


I’m surprised,I haven’t seen any cape-spins on ships yet!


This weekend I swear… If I can find a “cape” big enough for a behemoth :hd_bugs:


This is great! ^^


My cape dance, and disclaimer before you watch: I have never danced in my life and never will again ,also I hate being on camera so this will be deleted after its all ended…


Remind me never to dance with my friends ever again, But its for Super Earth so I guess I can’t complain…


Also, yes i used tiktok. No bulli me pls.


So I messed up the first time & could only figure out how to show it via link. In any case, Happy Liberty Day fellow Helldivers!


My guy your dance is about 10x better than mine, good luck!


This is my dance for the dance off. Nvm I fixed link yay.


There really only is one type of dance appropriate for this


My wife and I met on Helldivers (and are still avid fans), so here’s us doing our part:





My entry for the Helldivers Dance Contest. I picked the song because it felt appropriate for us die-hard fans of the game. I’ve been with it since it launched on the PS4 and continue to play it today on the PC version. Took about two and a half hours to choreograph the whole dance myself while my girlfriend filmed it. It is all done in one take, after almost passing out from twirling about so much. HAPPY LIBERTY DAY EVERYONE!!! Wish you all a wonderful year with few “accidentals”!