Liberty Day Cape Dance-Off!


Locking thread now. We’ll be reviewing and voting on the videos tomorrow!



You all made such an amazing job! :smiley: I’m super happy seeing all these different versions!

My Twitter – talking about life at Arrowhead

My Instagram – capturing pics of shenanigans with Arrowhead


We’re now looking through the entries and making a developer poll in Slack to vote on the top two videos! I’ll post the results tomorrow morning and the winners should receive a DM in their inbox here on the forums :slight_smile:


(RandomRon, we didn’t forget you! The picture is just cut strangely for some reason :))

Anyway, we had two clear winners, @LaddieLiberTea and @guest_yfoucxeo. Congrats Soldiers! You win the Helldivers capes and goodie box.

BUT since we were impressed by pretty much all the videos and the effort you put in, we are going to send the other participants something too, as a little thank you for taking part :heart:

Well done everyone, and don’t forget to check your inboxes here for DMs!