Liberty Day Entries

For Liberty Day we received 200+ responses from our community. It was amazing to see people still participating in Liberty Day after all these years. Thank you to everyone who submitted a story! Even if you weren’t a Liberty Day winner, you still deserve your story to be heard. The ones we collected and are posting below, will all remain anonymous. :slightly_smiling_face:
If you did not get a chance to submit your entry, feel free to tell your story in the comments!

Question: What is your fondest social gaming memory? Or what do you love the most about playing couch coop? Or maybe just coop in general with friends and family? Melt our hearts, we want some feel-good stories! It doesn’t have to be about Helldivers.


My fondest social gaming memory would probably be the day my friend bought Helldivers for the first time. I was over at his place and he had found this cool new game that he wanted us to try so we bought it on his account and started playing. We immediately fell in love with the amazingly high difficulty and played for hours into the night. At some point, we got stuck on a lvl 11 mission and decided to quit because we were too tilted. The next day when I returned home I immediately bought the game myself and it’s still one of the best steam purchases I ever made. I’ll never forget that day I first dove into hell with my friend. Thank You Arrowhead for those amazing memories. :heart:

A friend joined me and crushed me with his landing pod. Later in the game, he crushed himself with his mech exo suit being called…So I threw his reinforcements onto the mech suit, followed by a missile barrage just to make sure :slight_smile: Petty you say? Solo the mission I can says I!

Hosting gaming parties with my friends and eating pizza and staying up till 4 AM!

Fondest social gaming memory would be how I’d met my best friend in person for the first time. I travel to the UK every year for a gaming community meet up, it’s an event where a bunch of nerds just get together to celebrate being friends, drink, and play video games together.

After being separated from my family by an ocean and a continent, I finally got to hang out with my brothers (I’m a sandwich kid) playing Borderlands 2, Helldivers, Destiny 2, Jackbox, the MCC, and Slap City. It’s been nearly 3 years since I’ve seen them; COVID decided to make its appearance about 2 weeks before they were scheduled to fly in for a visit. It has been so, so pleasant to catch up while doing the same things that we did as teenagers (LASO on Halo 3, for example). It brings me back to simpler, easier times.

I lived in a small town growing up. When Halo 2 came out, every day after school a bunch of us would get together in the basement of the small library and everyone would bring their Xbox, so we could have LAN parties. Even people who didn’t play video games would show up just to hang out and have some fun. It was always a great time.

Back in the early '90s, when I was just a youngin, a friend of mine and I rented the NES game Rampage for at least the dozenth time. We played the game all weekend, pausing it overnight to make sure we didn’t lose our progress, and early on that Sunday afternoon, we had actually beaten the game. We were so excited that we took a picture of us, standing next to the tv, to commemorate the monumental feat of finishing that game. I still have that picture.

I don’t get to make many friends these days, particularly during all the lockdown business, what I love the most about co-op games is they are, first and foremost, about having fun together and having a laugh. There’s no real stakes or competition, there’s no toxicity, it’s what makes a game, a real game. Secondly, it means I can connect with the few remaining friends I do have with a common goal of laughing around, no matter where in the world they are and it’s like none of us ever moved away from each other.