Loading data / sync / crash error in Helldivers - We need info!

Hi everyone, we’ve seen a huge increase in this error happening the last week so we are looking into it further now. Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce it in our studio environments, which makes it harder to solve. If you’ve had this happen to you, please fill out this form so we can gather more details.

PS. I know a lot of you are on different HD forums, I encourage you to share the survey with anyone you come across that is having this issue. Thanks in advance!


Done! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ops… you have already posted that on Reddit.

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Would be great if there was a non google option for feedback…

Here is some feedback:

PS4 both PSN and disk version crashed, CE-34878-0, wired connection, EU region.

Game would either crash when attempting to login or fail to login forcing offline play only. The game would sometimes also crash when trying to play in offline mode.

I was repeatedly able to get online by accepting inability to connect then returning to main menu and login however joining a game resulted in a crash on confirmation of loadout (immediate and each time).

Joined a friend’s ship (they were host) we launched a mission host crashed while I made it to the planet just fine.

Didn’t test online solo diving.

Turning off internet connection resulted in normal offline play.

Un-updated disk version of the game resulted in no crashes even with internet enabled (network features disabled due to required update).

Maybe that is helpful I don’t know what the doc says as I don’t use google.

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1. Where are you experiencing the error?

  • PS Vita

  • PS3

  • PS4

  • PS4 Pro

  • PS5

  • PC

2. What is your PSN region?

3. Who is your ISP (internet service provider)?

4. Do you play via a wired connection or over wifi?

5. If you see an error code, what is it? (Please write the one you get if it is not listed)

  • CE-34878-0

  • I don’t get an error code

  • Others:

6. We’re sorry that you are having these problems and we are trying to get to the bottom of this. Do you have any other relevant info you think may be important?

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Can anyone tell me if this still happens to them in the last 2 days? We’re just exploring if any difference was made when PSN fixed their network issue?

Also, while I am doing some research on this issue I came across a couple of long shot comments. Maybe someone could try this and confirm to me if the error still persists:

  • How much HDD space do you have left on your consoles? If you have under 40gb, can you to try and free up as much space as possible and then check if you still get the error?

  • Another crazy suggestion (but worth testing) is how you have your consoles? If you normally have it horizontal flat, can you try stading it upright?

PS3 EUR here.

No problem to login these past 2 days.

Some random in-game crashes and the cross-saving icon in the upper-right corner that stays displayed indefinitely.

Note: there has been another PSN maintenance (it was impossible to connect to PSN from a PS3) on sunday evening from approximatively 16h00 GMT to 19h00GMT.

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Since PSN was fully restored I haven’t seen any crashes sorry can’t help test these um unusual theories :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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