Looking for cosplay ideas?

Here’s a link to some models if you are looking for prop ideas.

It includes models for:

  • Demolisher
  • Gunslinger
  • Stalwart
  • Peacemaker
  • Mk5 Tactical Helm

Ooh, a shady zip file for me to download? Must be my lucky day.

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Shady?! Mouseover says it’s from Arrowhead. How rude! :open_mouth:


Right, and you’re not a russian bot. Nice try Putin.


@Fjollper If I’m Putin, would I be promoting Managed Democracy? No, thought not!

Turns out it was legit.

Prove that you are not hacked comrade.

If you’re old school you can make a Magicka robe, too!
It used to be hosted on the Magicka website but someone kindly mirrored it.


That’s pretty cool, I haven’t seen that video before. For our moving offices party we were able to get Paradox to lend us all a couple of the robes for our guests to dress up in.


hahaha dev banter, loving this forum, but yeah if I still did textiles classes id totally make a bath ro-… magick robe

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Thanks. Gives me an excuse to learn about 3D printing. My local library has 3D printer available to use, so just need to figure out how to use these images to make a 3D printing of some of these Helldivers props.

When can we get a helldivers chess set?

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That would be awesome.
Any Helldivers merch really but Sony hold the keys to that lock :unamused:

Wow!.. but what would be the pieces?

Is it going to be Helldivers vs various Alien scum or will there be multiple sets for the three possible enemy factions?

Illuminates could definitely have King / Queen using the Council Member and Illusionist and the Obelisk can be the Rooks. The Hunter can be the Bishops and the Outcast can be the Knights and the Tripods can be the Pawns.

Bugs Behemoth would have to be King and Impaler the Queen. The Stalker would be good for Knight and the Scout / Vanguard could be the Pawns, but I am not sure who would be good for Bishop / Rook.

Cyrborgs Warlord / Hulk can be King / Queen and Grotesques the Pawns. The IFV might make a good Rook, the Hounds good for Knight, and for the Bishop it can be Immolator or Berserker.

For Helldivers, we would just be picking whatever Outfit makes most sense for the Chess unit, like Admiral can be King and starter outfit can be Pawns.

My vote goes to Frank for the Knight piece.

Edit: Just realised this went WAY off topic

Rook would have be the bug tank, poor guy, people always forget about him

I don’t forget that orange butt bug, but it probably wishes I would :crazy_face:

Aww. I was hoping for actual 3D model files, not just images of models. Guess @cusman will have to find some other reason to learn about 3D printing. :slight_smile:

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I’ll be learning about 3D printing at my kids pace. They have already printed a couple of things at local library. Nothing that they modeled themselves yet, but it is still cool stuff for the lot of us.

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I second that. Would love to show the weapon models on the wikipedia.

Been wondering how many of them actually look close-up for a while. And I heard upgrades change the models too – fascinating. Can’t really see it myself though squints