Love the Helldivers game, but will it ever be updated again?

I love Helldivers, and Magicka, and will for sure be buying Arrowhead’s next game when it comes out! I was wondering if Helldivers would ever get an update again (Liberty Day 2021!!!), or if you guys are going to full send it on your new game? Hey, maybe you guys could put in some Helldiver references in your new game :slight_smile: I sure hope that everything is going well with the COVID craziness, I checked out the jobs earlier today, and for sure am going to start learning C++ so in the future maybe I could apply, you guys sure seem to have lots of fun! Keep safe/healthy!

This year HELLDIVERS didn’t receive a Liberty Day content update, but does it mean we are not going to get any updates in the future? Absolutely! Arrowhead is known for updating their games till publishers and recourses allow them to do so.

References are actually a huge part of AH’s games and have been there since their first game - Magicka. I know Gauntlet (the other game made by Arrowhead) has some cool HELLDIVERS references.

Yea, I heard there was no update this year, makes sense because the PS5 is out and they are working on their new game. I hope there is an update next year, but the new game for sure is top priority!