Manual reload nuisance

Hello all, first post here! Great game. I play it when I’ve time for a game - good with a young family as those moments can be short & sparse, this is a great drop-in quick play game with surprising depth.

One of the minor bugbears is the choice to make reloads manual on some weapons - the bolt-action rifle and that pump shotgun. I get (and prefer!) the reloads being manually started, but tapping reload for each cartridge on these guns makes them wildly impractical - whatever their firepower potential. I rarely see anybody use one and for good reason, an empty shotgun (especially with extended mags) takes long enough to reload already without having to tap reload for each shell.

Am I missing something about how to use these weapons, or is that intended? If it’s intended I suggest changing it, or at least not adopting that method in future titles. It makes reloading too distracting and takes fun out of the game, so the players I’ve seen mostly just try them once then change to something else.

Great game otherwise, the above’s always been a niggle for me.

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Brudda, da reloading is fine.
One advantage is the reload is super quick per shot, so reload and fire then reload and fire.

Plus they are very powerful weapons in their own right.

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The reload/reloading voice over has been a source of much humor in my environs, and for some, a bit of an annoyance. The two often go hand in hand.
HD does have some idiosyncrasies. In defense of the game, there are real weapons that have limited, or no magazine capacity. I imagine that the developers wanted to include these in the game to suit various styles of play.
A number of players enjoy using these weapons, with them the reloading shout is heard quite often.
Speaking only for myself, I believe that if a weapon is effective I am using it correctly. Some weapons are better suited for specific tasks, others are generalists, a big part of my fun lies in exploring these characteristics.

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Nah, they’re great the way they are. I have a perfectly fine time with both the Constitution and the Punisher. Once you build up the habit of reloading as required, they’re no problem.

They may demand that you step out of your comfort zone, but they’re definitely not impractical. I do hope to see them in future games if there are any. I enjoy them and don’t wish for them to go away; plus, there’s just nothing wrong with them. Not to mention that there’s only two weapons like that in the entire arsenal. I think that’s at least fair to the people like me who enjoy these type of weapons.

I wasn’t drawn to them at first either, but yeah, we definitely don’t need to get rid of them or change them. They just might not be your thing (or at least not right now).

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Some of the best players I’ve ever seen use the Double Freedom with manual reloads in between every shot. It’s beauty in motion and a true joy to watch.


I for one quite enjoy the constitution it’s great my friend uses it as a glorified spear I like the ability to reload with out tossing out ammo and I have no problem with the extra button pressing only issue I have is the reload animation kinda throws off my aim

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Since I’m thinking about it I’ll res this old topic. Would definitely take a speed loader accessory on these two if offered - stripper clips on the rifle, speed load strips to load 3 (or so) shots per tap on that Punisher shotty.

A side-scroller shooter I play on Steam (Door Kickers: Action Squad) offers this type of thing as an optional equipment item. The Breacher class for example can choose it to “insta-reload” shotguns.

This seems like in Helldivers it could be conceivable as a Perk, although I wouldn’t really hold my breath waiting for that. :slight_smile:

To make those weapons more accessible, if user could just hold the reload button so it would keep reloading that would be better. I think at some point in the past the developers even agreed, but there is some technical limitation to the way the controls are implemented that holding button for reload action is not something they could easily add (to keep the reloads going).

You have to keep in mind the game works on Keyboard & Mouse, DS3 / DS4, other PC controllers, and the PS-Vita. It is not an easy thing for them to make changes to how the controls were implemented. Especially well after game is released.