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I believe most players would argue that the Melee attack is not a primary offensive option. However, this may be, it can add another dimension to play.
I tend towards rifles, and I am especially fond of those offering the bayonet/Improved Melee upgrade. While any weapon, including the standard sidearm can be used in Melee, those with the bayonet are in a class by themselves.
This would include the Liberator, Patriot, Justice, and Paragon. I do wish the Camper also had improved Melee, because it is a natural for this upgrade…alas, no. Perhaps our friendly AH crew would consider adding a bayonet to the Camper???
Improved Melee offers some significant advantages over the standard version. Improved will destroy Illuminate observers and hunters quickly. The key is to run towards the target, and strike a moment before contact is made. Melee will also take out tripods, in this it is best if the shields are down.
Cyborg dogs are I believe on everyone’s hate list, and the bayonet is an especially satisfying tactic for dispatching them. If dogs are spotted early enough that their charge is anticipated, it is possible to meet their attack, and defeat them completely. Again, it is best to run towards the charging dogs, and launch the Melee a moment before they hit. The dog will die a bloody but merciful death. This tactic works with multiple dogs as well. Of course, it’s always an option to dodge, and catch the dogs with the bayonet, sweeping in on their flank.
One proviso, do not attempt to Melee dogs if they are in contact with a teammate. If this is done, the game will prioritize your fellow player. One lunge with a bayonet amounts to an instant kill.
The dog must be fully clear and visible to succeed.
Bugs are probably the least worthy for the Melee attack, simply because they are Melee specialists, and the wise player makes every effort to stay out of range of their formidable armament.
That said, all small bugs perish quickly under the bayonet, and warriors will crumple, especially if already wounded. The problem is that bugs swarm, therefore the bayonet must be deployed quickly without getting mired in the swarm. Fortunately, the abovementioned rifles are easy to transition to firing mode.
One last thought, improved Melee need not be only a tactic of last resort, a player can read the game situation, using it side by side with conventional shooting techniques.
I enjoy the Melee option, and I am personally grateful that AH included the bayonet upgrade. It really is another dimension in play. Now, just add one to the Camper please…!

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If Camper had a bayonet it would immediately become one of my very favorite weapons. Maybe even favorite, tied with Patriot

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Hot tip:
Melee a Stalker once or twice and they’ll leave you alone

I personally wouldn’t have minded if Camper had gotten a bayonet. I’m not sure if it would be my preference or not, but it could be pretty cool. To be fair, there’s already the Constitution, and that’s close enough for me. I already like Camper a lot anyway.

I still don’t think that’s true (I think it’s just a matter of spacing), but I haven’t seen it confirmed one way or another. I’m not trying to start anything over this; I just don’t want this claim to be viewed as an undisputed fact by any newer players that might read this.

Regardless, swinging a bayonet near a teammate is a bad idea and you don’t need to be doing it anyway. Use your pistol (or single shots on auto weapons) to assist teammates.

Just for the record, Hounds happen to be my favorite enemy in the game. I’m very happy that Arrowhead added them.

As long as we’re giving out melee tips, here’s something some may find useful.

P.S. Whether it was intentional or not, I can appreciate the pun in the thread title. :drum:


Melee tips topic closed. ^^

Nice video Lein, it’s easy to get the point…!
Seriously though, I have managed to explore the Melee attack on dogs rather extensively, especially in conjunction with teammates, and I stand by my observations, with the proviso that this is PS, not PC.
Some who have played both have gone on to claim that the PC version is more precise. This could mean that certain actions execute more accurately on PC. I have no personal verification of this, but I find it worth mentioning, since it might be a factor. Regardless, these days I have abandoned all melee when dogs are worrying fellow players.
In any case, your instructional video is excellent, thanks for posting it here.

Ah, I see. I’m a PC-only player, so yeah perhaps. Of course, I could just be flat out wrong too; that’s a distinct possibility. I’m still skeptical and going to continue to keep my judgement reserved until I come across verification though…

Thanks very much and happy to do it.

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I’m definitely against the Camper having a bayonet, that would actually make it worse. It’s a sniper weapon used for longer range shooting and one that highlights the speed and accuracy of the user. A bayonet would make snap shooting slower.

If you can shoot something with pinpoint accuracy from anywhere you want, there’s little reason to try to get into melee range. The bayonet complements the Constitution, but would slow down both the Camper and the Railgun. A bayonet changes the style of play and isn’t always better to have it. It’s good to have weapons both with and without it.

PS. Hounds are one of my favorite enemy units, they add a lot to why the cyborgs are so interesting to fight against.

@Lein you are right. Dogs can be killed by melee even when they are close to another diver. I’ve done this several times. You just have to be careful with the stab.

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The art of being misunderstood…of course the “cydogs” add to the complexity and dimension of play. I do actually find them challenging. However, I don’t think they were designed with giant clanking jaws to make them loveable…!
Defending the Camper in its current form is redundant, however if you really dislike the bayonet option, I would like to point out that bayonets are optional upgrades. I don’t think it would be any different with this particular weapon. Those who dislike the bayonet could choose to deploy the weapon in current condition, and those who’s style of play benefits from this upgrade can choose it. So, unless one opines that their perspective works for everyone, we can allow a variety of such to exist. Result, we can all be happy campers.
Finally, I have gone on record more than once regarding the PS game mechanics
involving melee, cydogs, and friendlies to the point of exhaustion. The facts have been repeatedly verified through personal game play. If someone has been able to successfully melee dogs in visual contact with a friendly, I’d love to hear about it, otherwise it’s simply opinion, which is, well…opinion.
Thanks for the replies guys.


I mean, that’s very clear, and I was just saying, “No, that’s not the case. I don’t hate them at all; I actually like them a lot.” I don’t think there’s much room there for interpretation—one way or another.

The thing is though, Mikasa2 isn’t a PC voice like me, he’s a PS4 player and he’s disputing it as well. I’m not being antagonistic; I care about this is because it’s a questionable point being presented as a fact and not just speculation.

Yeah but… you can’t spread the information as fact and say, “Trust me, I know.” That’s not how verification works. If you were the only person reading your post, then yeah, it would work that way if you’re the only person confirming this.

I’m not saying you’re wrong; I’m not even saying you’re trying to mislead anyone or that you even are. I’m not making a claim of any kind—I’m only saying we don’t know you’re right, I don’t think you are (with all due respect, and I do mean that), and I’m advising others to not simply assume it to be true unless they see verification since it’s not even an agreed-upon matter to just be taken at word.

I agree with you that so far there’s only been opinions, and that’s exactly my point. I haven’t claimed anything to be fact.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say.

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You can’t say your “facts” can be verified anecdotally and then dispute other anecdotal accounts. Any careful player can avoid stabbing a teammate when a dog is on them. Lein and I must do this for each other daily.

I don’t dislike the bayonet, I’m saying the Camper is better without. And since the precision weapons have 1-2 upgrade slots, if they add a bayonet I’m guessing something else would have to be taken out. In the case of the Camper I’d much rather have increased damage and rate of fire upgrades instead of a bayonet.

I said I have stabbed dogs attacking teammates several times without touching the teammate. I’m not sure how that is “simply an opinion”? I’m also sniping dogs next to teammates all the time and I’ve never noticed the game prioritizing teammates. That is purely a skill-based maneuver, if you’re good enough it can be done. If not, then the teammate might take the hit not because the game is prioritizing him/her, but because the player attempting to kill the dog wasn’t accurate enough.


We can argue semantics for as long as we have the desire to do so. “Love to hate”, for example is a figure of speech. We can pick apart various idioms, phrases, and descriptions, which is of questionable value.
If I say the Camper is better without a bayonet, that suggests I have already evaluated that particular weapon with one. Since it doesn’t have that option, making such a claim is conjecture, opinion. This should be evident, yet apparently it is not.
If I was to say that my play with other weapons that do offer the bayonet option qualifies me to make a definitive judgment regarding the Camper, then the issue is that different weapons offer different capabilities, which means play with them is at least somewhat unique. This becomes another “Apple’s and Oranges” comparison, thus any conclusion is once again, opinion.
Opinion is not verifiable, fact is.
The game mechanics discovery is verifiable, this makes it fact. If you are going to argue over something, you can do yourselves a service by keeping this distinction in mind.
Of course, a little flexibility of mind could conceive a game option for a folding, or detachable bayonet. In this, it would make it possible to convert the weapon to a desired condition.
I doubt this would satisfy the desire for some here to argue, but it could work in a fashion that allows upgrades, whilst offering a bit of weapon customization, and enhancing unique styles of play.

We will all be convinced of the “fact” regarding melee with a dog after someone posts a thorough test video, but since you have not proved anything yourself,

this little sting looks very childish.


I’m personally glad AH offers this feedback forum, but seriously, the level of criticism for unique ideas and observations here is beyond anecdotal.
If you don’t understand the difference between opinion or fact, and you conflate them, and this works for you, so be it. If you criticize fact with opinion you must realize that you are merely voicing opinion. There is nothing childish about reminding those who do this, that they are doing this. Indeed, your own label is just another opinion, can you comprehend this?
Now, please return to the topic, if you are able.

Made this for you


Yes, it is true that melee can be successfully used in close quarters under two conditions:

  1. The complete character outline of the enemy is visible, i.e.; there is no visual overlap with the enemy figure and the friendly figure.
  2. The enemy figure is directly between the melee attack and the friendly.
    Neither condition is what I’m referring to when I use the word prioritize. I am referring to the condition where an aimed melee is launched against an enemy combatant with friendlies in direct proximity. Your video doesn’t illustrate this condition, Manry.
    I just completed a Cyborg Helldive where the Camper I was using made several shots that killed enemies in extremely close proximity to friendlies WITHOUT HARMING FRIENDLIES.
    Had I used a weapon with a bayonet in the same situation, I’m afraid it would have ended very differently.
    Thanks for the reply.

I’m not trying to be insulting, but I have to be honest, the way you write is extremely difficult for me to follow sometimes, so I trust you’ll forgive me if I misinterpret your points, but I’ll say this:

  1. You should probably just make a video of your own. I’m pretty sure the video that Manry showed is what most people are going to imagine when they hear your advice. So if even that isn’t satisfactory, I don’t know what to tell you except that it leads me to my next point:

  2. If the advice you gave and the claim you made can only be applied to such a strictly niche situation, then I have to question how useful the advice is in the first place. It seems like it serves to lead to confusion more than it actually helps.

See, after that reading a few times, I get that you’re trying to say, “Bayonet kills teammates at close range,” but this is the type of stuff that I feel only serves to confuse. You say, “made several shots” that’s just throwing in a monkey wrench when shooting has nothing to do with anything we’re talking about. We’re talking about melee. Plus, if we’re talking about downed teammates (which, I thought so?), shots are just going to go over them anyway, so it’s not even the same situation.

Anyway, just… make your own video showing what you’re talking about. At best, it’s way too misleading to simply say

do not attempt to Melee dogs if they are in contact with a teammate. If this is done, the game will prioritize your fellow player

because the situations in Manry’s video definitely apply that statement. Now, if you meant to say something else and just weren’t clear, ok then whatever, I’m not one to harp on admitted mistakes. But don’t act like Manry got it wrong, because the video worked with the statement that was actually there.

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I’m not sure why you’re so hostile towards people who disagree with you and why everything you say is a fact while everyone else’s are opinions. And again what you say is wrong.

  1. No, the complete enemy outline does not need to be visible. You could even see that from the video. You’re just making stuff up now.
  2. No. The enemy doesn’t need to be directly between the attack and the teammate. You can kill the dog from any direction as long as you simply don’t hit the teammate.

The only thing you need to do is hit the dog but not the teammate. The dog can be killed even if there is a teammate in direct proximity to the dog. I’ve said this many times now, so have others. Manry even posted a video.

I take it you mean if you had used the bayonet? Because just having a bayonet attached to the weapon doesn’t change the firing behaviour. So if you used the bayonet in that situation and didn’t hit the teammate, again, the end result is the same. The teammate survives, just like with the Camper.