[mobile app suggestion] Helldivers app - campaign alerts

Coulda sworn i’d suggested a mobile app at some point, but maybe I didn’t here. I know it’s not feasible because I don’t think the BitSquid/Stingray engine has that sort of support built in, and Arrowhead has the new secret game fish to fry.:tropical_fish:

But what’s the Suggestions category for if not for dreaming?

So I’d suggest a Helldivers App with one critical function (campaign alerts) and some “just nice to have in a mobile app” functions like having the on-ship Helldivers Encylopedia and all of the game’s optional hints in an easy-to-ready mobile app form that’s searchable.

Optional Campaign Alerts App
The campaign alerts section would let you set alerts campaign status changes. It would also have a separate screen that let you check on campaign status without logging into Steam or PSN and starting Helldivers.

"None, All or Customize" Campaign Alert Options

  • Disable all campaign alerts (enabled by default)
  • Enable all campaign alerts (optional, warns you this setting may pelt tiy with Helldiver alerts more often than you’d like.
  • Let me customize campaign alerts (only alert you to specific types of campaign status changes)

Then on the more specific side of campaign change alerts:

Specific Campaign Status Change Alert Options (each w/ a slider toggle so you can customize)

  • New Global Campaign Started; Only Alien Faction X Available (X=Cyborgs, Bugs or Illuminates)

  • Alien Faction Joins Campaign (description mentions if other alien factions are in the campaign fight)

  • Alien Faction Eliminated from Campaign (description notes if other alien factions were eliminated too)

  • Alien Faction is X Percent Towards Elimination (dial lets you set this X percentage threshhold; for example, you may want an alert when an alien faction is 90% towards elimination from the campaign, in case you’d like to join in and help finish them off)

  • Event Start Alert: Alien Faction X’s Home Planet (if more than one such event is occurring, brief description explains that too)

  • Event Start Alert: Super Earth City Defense

The event alerts might also include an optional separate one when an event is close to succeeding.

It’s actually more feasible than you think ;)

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