Mobility Mobility Mobility

Team play is generally superior to solo missions in obvious areas of firepower, saving the downed but not dead, and all important multiple resupplies, to name just a few advantages. However, solo or single player has one very great thing going for it, and that is the ability to move quickly and decisively.
Very often, coordinating a team to avoid patrols, forsake some samples in order to secure objectives, or just to leave an area before enemy swarms overrun and kill everyone is a most difficult task. The “move” emote doesn’t always elicit a satisfactory response, and some players have their own ideas that conflict with the strategy of the game host.
When playing solo, moving is essential to achieving objectives, and simply staying alive. There is rarely the possibility of digging in and slugging it out with any enemy for extended periods. I believe I have seen more missions go awry due to a failure to move than to any other single factor, and this becomes quite clear when one makes this mistake during a solo dive.
Single play also highlights the usefulness of tactical mobility. It is possible to avoid many enemy strikes through a quick move, or end around run. Hunters, Cydogs, and even Behemoths can be frustrated in their efforts to kill you via some timely motion.
Unfortunately, few players will take indirect routes in order to minimize the number of alarms set off, while even fewer teams have the patience for this style of play. Again, solo missions can easily include this level of mobility.
In conclusion, I believe that solo missions can prove the effectiveness of mobility as an essential aspect of play, and help in the development of it as a gaming skill. They won’t replace team play, but they can enhance it.


Im very strict about only one rule, that is when i host it means follow me. If people have any suggestions on
objectives or where to move they can type it and we will see… |But to go another direction with no warning and spaming GO! you get kicked in my book after few warnings ^^. That is the only reason i kick. Im my eyes mobility shouldnt be the problem if people would just follow the leader.


I cant agree more xD
I was doing some lv 10 missions alone and doing fine. But the moment my partner joins me we just fail everytime xD

We can hold out in a fight pretty great, but when things go south she’ll run one way and I the other thus resulting in us being stuck on screen and dying :confused:
Plus, like you said, avoiding patrols becomes harder with more players imo.

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I can agree. Mobility is a lot easier while playing solo, the shared screen is focused only on you.
You can easily run from point A to point B or run away from hordes of enemies causing them to disappear. It’s a lot easier to kill or avoid patrols. However, it’s boring and enemies spawn at a small rate due to the lack of people in the team.

I’m playing a lot with friends at the moment and mobility is just a little worse than playing alone. We always agree together, we know each other for too long that we don’t even need to mark points on the map, we all know where we are going. It all looks like a fast marathon, mission usually ends in 8 mins. That’s how Helldivers should be played.

Playing with randoms is problematic though. They usually tend to have their own vision how the randomly generated map should be played, casing to screen-pull or run away from hordes of enemies while the whole team wants to murder everything around. There is a high possibility for stubborn newbs as well that can screen-pull and spam move for the entire 5 mins to get his one shiny sample. In my opinion and few other people around, the host is the guy who should be followed.

I usually kick people who tend to screen-pull because they want a sample or do the objectives that are far away from my plans, it’s a co-op after all. Though I’m always up for suggestions and if the whole team decides to screw my leading and go for samples, sure. But patience always has its limit.


I still can’t shake off the feeling that picking up dropped gear is more beneficial than continuing on.
If I’m hosting the first thing we’ll do, after recovering from an assault with heavy losses, is go back and get the gear — to me it just seems that otherwise you steal away people’s enthusiasm for the game.
I know it’s tactically unsound, but I really can’t help feel that it’s important.
Whereas when I’m not hosting, I always try to push for everyone to regain their gear, but in my experience, it’s often left abandoned in favour of completing the objectives faster.
This makes me think — am I in the wrong?

You can finish a helldive just fine without any stratagem equipment, but isn’t it less fun? (except of course hardcore runs, speedrunners, xp farmers, and for people who prefer not to use stratagem equipment)


Lately I have been playing with no side gear so no stress of losing something. That was my main motivation in choosing this play style. I go Into games free of thinking will i loose something or not or will somebody be stressed if I ask him to go back for my gear, lately I take Rec mines, eat17 ,static field and one free slot to choose depends of the enemy or obj. And it is always cool when someone comes in with a jump pack and you get to fly as a bonus …

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Mobility tends to be king in most scenarios in high level play, they can’t hit what they can’t… well… hit. It all depends on your team though, sometimes you can stand there and hold back armadas all day long together, other times you just need to bug out cuz SHTF. Best practice for me involves taking a loadout that can do both when pubbing (same loadouts work with my vet buddies so clearly something’s being done right). And lemi’s right, whatever you do, it’s probably a good idea to stick with the host unless they’re the one getting everyone killed/you’re fine with potentially being kicked.

As for going back for gear, that’s highly situational. Sometimes you just cannot get back to that gear safely with so many enemies swarming over your AT weapons/shield/jetpack so it’s better to just ditch it and come back later. Again, depends on the team.

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Agree with all the above points.

I go for cardio specifically for manoeuvering and positioning (or boots on swamp/snow) so if my attention lapses for a moment or I get stuck on those blasted pebbles (you know the ones, barely visible next to long rocky outcroppings) I can catch up or otherwise make myself useful.

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