Morak, Final boss - tips



Me and 2 friends of mine, that I convinced to play Gauntlet, organized a LAN party few days ago. Aaaaand it was amazing, until the point we had to fight final boss. We played few hack’n’slash games before, we love challenges, and we definitely aren’t noobs. We usually manage to get over any problem at third or fourth attempt. But this boss… meh, no chance. We gave up after 5th attempt. We tried to figure out if the sword is chasing the closest one, or the villian, or it’s just randomly roaming. Or how do the willian get the sword, if he is on the other side of map… but we were not succesfull.

So… do you guys have any tips how to beat the final boss? We are playing as archer, mage and warrior. What should we focus first for example? Because we have no idea what are we doing wrong. Each opened gate we clear in 4 seconds. Every time villian looses his sword, he is raped. But even though, we just can’t make it.


Well I couldnt find a final boss walk through here:
But I’m sure if you open a discussion someone will easily make one for you.

My advice is to go with ranged it took me for ever to beat him with the warrior (my fave) in fact I dont think I did, but with the Archer I beat him in no time. Also im pretty sure when I beat him it was on the easy difficulty.


Morak is quite difficult! But definitely doable. After many tries I managed with a group also, and while being a dev I’m by no means a hack n’ slash pro.

You sort of have to figure out the spawning patterns and deal with the worst of his minions, and then have 1 or 2 players focusing on dealing damage to Morak, in the window while it’s possible, while the others continue dealing with dangerous minions.

I think there was also a little discussion about him going on i the general Gauntlet chat thread.

One of the designers on Gauntlet wrote down some info on Morak’s patterns when a few players were going for a speed run:

“I’ve tried to provide some information that might be helpful to you. Gauntlet was a long time ago now and we only had time for a quick memory refresher going through Moraks code so I apologize in advande if any of this information turns out to not be 100% accurate.”

  1. Morak wants to travel 20 m for each portal he opens. The target location for the portal openings are random, so hypothetically he can backtrack and open two in very close proximity. He might also get blocked by the level geometry

  2. Morak spends a roughly 40 sec in his invulnerable form. This timing can be slightly modified if he is in the midst of performing an ability when that time is up. Once in his vulnerable human form he will revert back to demonic form when he has been dealt 10% of his maximum health. So it takes approximately ten optimal attacks to kill him.


I cant even beat the second boss :stuck_out_tongue:


Beast of Orox? it’s the easiest boss in the game! I did solo him on Hard Mode as Wizard.