[Music] Arrowhead Community Playlist

Please excuse my shoddy looking icon. In the interest of Arrowheads integrity I have not used it on the actual playlist :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully if you follow the link provided you can simply give this thing a follow to add songs like you normally would your other playlists happy listening!

Very open to suggestions and what not.

Arrowhead Community Playlist

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Lol I’d expect some Sabaton and other metal, not these chill vibes XD


Well then. So it shall be :metal:

“A game for everyone is a game for noone”

I think the same would apply to playlists, but it’s a fun project for you and some friends who have similar tastes.

That saying has honestly never made sense to me. Its kinda like saying “its not on when its off” in relation to gas and electric stoves… makes you do a double take.

Edit: I should probably also point out I have been in a few of these now and the whole point of them is to introduce people to new music. Sure it’s pog when someone puts in a song you really like but to me its all about discovery.

Also shout-out to flaco1942 for spinning the good stuff.