My long - lost capes

I hope I can get it this time.

What cape are you missing and can you deliver screenshots?

Proven Bug Expert 3
Proven Cyborg Expert 2
Proven Illuminate Expert 1

this is our lost capes

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I don’t understand why some users got there missing capes and others not, squeaky wheel gets the grease? You are not the only one still missing capes…

AH have a full record of results from each war (screenshots are not needed) but I don’t think they know if a cape fails to deliver.

Thanks to the PG Arrowhead will probably be busy distributing these capes (manually) forever… unless it’s going to be improved or fixed.

Who else are missing capes? I want to write everyone down and perhaps help them receive the reward. That’s why I ask for screenshots or videos as evidence.

Agreed this expansions deployment and impact will be a lesson learnt for AH, I think, I hope?

I’m not sure of who is missing what anymore, it’s been a while off the top of my head:


AH got the detailed list of users back before Tomas stopped responding to my messages, you remember Tomas just after you sent me codes and I asked if other users should make direct contact with you or if you would send them via PSN from your verified account…

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