New D-Pad/F1-F4 Commands/voice lines (adding to Stay, Move, Yes, No)


The built-in D-Pad/F1-F4 key commands/voice lines are approximately like so (I believe there’s at least a couple different voice iterations of each, so the wording can vary a bit)

  • D-Pad Left/F3: Stay!/Wait!
  • D-Pad Right/F4: Move!/Let’s Move!/On the Double!
  • D-Pad Up/F1: Yes!/Affirmative!
  • D-Pa Down/F2: No/Negative!

I’d love to see the game get maybe 4 new commands/voice line options in the mix (with maybe 2-3 different iterations of each), though this would probably require rounding up the original voice acting cast, for consistency sake. Then if the game let us configure the D-Pad or Function Keys to choose from these 8 options, that’d be neat.

I dunno how many players would use it. The defaults are fine, but I’ve so often wanted a quick “Sorry!” key or a quick “Hit the deck!” or “DIVE DIVE!” voice macro line when I’m activating Hellbomb or bringing in a mass scale stratagem attack.

My initial, additional command/voice line suggestions:

  • Sorry!/My bad!/I blew it!/My apologies!
  • Mass destruction incoming!/Take cover!/Hit the deck!/Dive dive dive!
  • Help!/Assistance needed!/Helldiver in crisis!
  • Cover me!/Need covering fire!

P.S. Yes I know the game has voice chat, I generally don’t use it – too many players leave it on voice activation and I hear all sorts of stuff I don’t wish to hear – and haven’t been able to get it to work on my end since probably 2016 in the game. Voice chat works fine for me in Tom Clancy’s The Division and Ghost Recon Wildlands but hasn’t worked for me in Helldivers PC in ages.


I’d love to see more content, even if it’s cosmetic. I’m with ya, though – I typically don’t use voice chat, but routinely hit the wrong key and shout “DIVE DIVE!”.


I’m Overwatch player and I use push-to-talk a lot. And it work’s great even without the function of +/- the volume. But in Helldivers it’s much worse. Dunno why, because microphone is the same.

More F buttons would really come handy. But I don’t think it will happen, because of need of hiring staff for voice acting.