New Mission Objectives

Although new mission objectives certainly falls under the more general content questions, i thought it might be more precise/fun to ask if players have specific suggestions for new mission objectives.

I’d encourage people to be a bit practical about it – Arrowhead’s likely not to create massive amounts of new graphical assets for new objectives. But perhaps a new gizmo console or interaction item, or some new thingamajig to protect, maybe that might be realistic. Or maybe there’s a way to mix existing objectives in some way to create something new. :slight_smile:

For reference, here’s the Gamepedia Wiki’s guide to Helldivers’ Objectives (for regular missions; this doesn’t include Retaliatory Strike or boss missions):

Objectives: Helldivers Wiki

This was the simplified objectives summary:

Exterminate: Kill X number of alien enemies.

Assassinate: Kill Warlord, Council Member, or Brood Commander marked on the map.


  • Destroy Cyborg AA Guns
  • Destroy Bug Nests
  • Destroy Illuminate Beacon


  • Retrieve Black Box
  • Retrieve Illuminate Power Core


  • Escort survivors
  • Escort resource convoy (choo-choo train)


  • SAM Sites
  • Truth Transmitter
  • Oil Pump
  • Artillery
  • Perform Geological Survey
  • Missile Launchpad

Defuse: Use mine detector to find and defuse unexploded mortar shells.

Capture: Secure area around designated flagpost.

Extract: Evac, mission finale.

This idea came from a Steam forum notification I just got, where someone posted in a thread I created in August 2016 asking for ideas for suggestions for new objectives.

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The Reader’s Digest version of one idea in that Aug. 2016 Steam thread:

Mission Objective: Destroy Radar Jammer (this could perhaps be added as another “sub-type” under the primary “Destroy” objective).

Info: Presence of Alien Radar Jammer means players have NO overhead map to start the mission beyond just the overall shape of the map as a whole. The map gradually “reveals” (like fog of war in an RTS) as the squad moves through it.

Mission Completion Reward: Overhead map then works normally for all players in squad.

Other idea I had then was for an EMP transmitter but now I don’t think it’s such a good idea. I mean, if anything players should have an objective encouraging exosuits and vehicles maybe, because I so rarely see anyone use them (and I myself rarely do). So perhaps my EMP idea was kinda dumb. :thinking:

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Mission Objective: Find and Capture Bunker

Info: There is a random chance that Bunker will be captured by enemy force and you will need to find and capture it again, so you can again retrieve Black Boxes/Illuminate Power Cores & escort survivors. (Black Boxes/Power Cores or survivors also spawns on the map)


I’d love to get Assassinate objectives on higher level planets, I miss them dearly.

It would be awesome to see a Scout objective where your job is to avoid detection, (mostly) wander around the map, and mark objectives to be completed, which can entirely or partly be skipped by using the UAV, and then Extract.
The mission is stored in the backend, and when it is given as a mission, there’s a cool marker which tells you that it was scouted by a Helldiver.

P.S. Could you edit the categories with just one objective to also use bullet points? It’s messing with my head.

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I would love a scout/infiltrate objective or entire mission. It could be linked to securing intelligence-as in black box, orb retrieval, assassination, or activation of truth transmitters.
This would really create a new area of play. Right now, avoiding detection is desirable, but not central. All that would change, at least in terms of the mission or objective.

Escort vehicle

Basically, you will just have to ride an extremely important HAV (carrying some stuff for example) to some location, in order to complete the objective. All group members can jump in and use miniguns or cannon. Destroying HAV means failure.

Edit: no repairing allowed!


The other day I came up a few objectives unique to city defense missions:

  1. Rescue Helldiver Trainees
    Think of them like civilians but with liberators who will actively seek out enemy patrols and try to fight them. They’ll follow you at their own pace and might abandon you to run towards spawning groups of medium level enemies. Keeping them alive will be more difficult when they all want to be big damn heroes and have no qualms with shooting through you to hit an enemy behind your head

  2. Raise Helldiver Monument/ Raise Super Earth Banner
    I thought this would really make sense in-universe. Basically, a monument like the one in the intro is toppled over and we can’t just leave it there, damn it. With all 4 Helldivers together it’ll take about a minute to push upright. Of course you won’t really be safe enough to have all 4 players holding interact on the thing at once, unless the whole team brought distract beacons.


While I dig the monument/banner idea, would need to allow for solo and duo groups such that they can still get the monument or banner raised.

Perhaps the more Helldivers clicking on it, the faster it goes up? :slight_smile:

Somewhere on the Steam forums I have a lost idea for something like an underground “Bug Colony” side mission. In this case, one of the bug nests you think you can destroy instead just gets a big “hole” on the top such that you and your squad can drop down through it into an underground Bug Colony, akin to an ant farm.

A few randomized pathways would take you into battles in various slimy ‘bug colony rooms,’ climaxing with a min-boss Bug Queen. If you think I’m stealing from the finale of the 1986 Aliens movie or the maggot levels in the game Diablo II, well… of COURSE I am! :slight_smile:

Of course, since Helldivers isn’t a side-scroller, I’m not sure about portraying an ‘ant farm’ type colony the way Firaxis’ XCOM games do with your bases. :thinking:

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Capture enemies. The challange would be to corral the correct one into a ‘capture’ pod or what not. Challenge could be increased if has to be pulled along to an extraction point.


You’re thinking of Hive Jump. ;D

I’m really digging the ideas I see here.

How about “locate and investigate scientific expedition crash site” which could lead to either just some ammo lying around, have survivors OR a black box OR nothing, and maybe a few samples spawn around it.

  • You never know where it’s landed exactly (always “hidden”).
  • This could be an easy objective or a really hard one. Perhaps adjusted on a per-difficulty basis.

What about dropping in to reinforce a Super Earth Regular Army battle that is in-progress?

What about dropping into a rebel colony and having to depose the government? (never gonna happen, I know right)

As far as I can tell, the only land fighters are the Helldivers.
It makes more sense for Super Earth forces to bombard the planet and send in automated artillery/transmitters/nukes via orbit shuttles and then send up to four Helldivers to clean up, rather than risk multiple lives with a direct army assault.
Leave that to the space battles!

The corpses found on missions (usually near a Black Box or ammo crates) are supposedly Super Earth Regular Army.

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I’m pretty sure they were colonists rather than soldiers, We liberate planets and colonize them.

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I always thought they were Helldivers, but looking back on it they don’t seem to be wearing Helldiver kit…

However, Helldivers do start from Private which makes me believe that Helldivers are the only deplorable Super Earth troops.

No, the game directly refers to them as regular army, or the wiki does, I have seen the reference though. I believe it was in the tutorial.

Deplorable? That’s a fitting and funny typo. :slight_smile:

A Super Earth Army Grunt & Civilians spin-off game would’ve been nice I think. Start off as a civvy. Work your way to Super Earth Army Grunt. And then the spin-off game concludes with your promotion to the Helldivers and a classy “GO BUY HELLDIVERS ON PSN OR STEAM TODAY” message. :grin:

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Hahaha, I meant “deploy-able” of course.

As for morals, I think the bugs, cyborgs and the Illuminate are far more immoral than Super Earth, but that’s just my opinion :)

What about an assassination mission that is essentially the reverse of the survivor-escort?

For instance, let’s say there is a group of high-value but weak enemies being escorted by a set of guards. Prevent the weak enemies from making it to their goal. In HellDives the weak enemies would be made one super-difficult enemy.

The hard part is deciding what would start the escort mission. I figure there should be a trigger spot A where the team must go–this would then start the escort somewhere across the map at spot B, heading for spot C. Spots B and C must be far enough away from A to make it challenging to get there in time.

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