New Perk Ideas


Will have to try that at some point.
BTW, have managed to view some HD videos on YouTube which I believe were from Citizen Graves…Fun.


Re-read the replies. Guys, I’m not much of a spammer. I prefer to work within the parameters of the design.
I caught a couple videos where players were using melee to run forever. I never tried using it. Besides looking really silly, they actually melee’d each other-grunts and splashes of red. If they had bayonets they would have sent each other to recall status.
If you like to spam the game, that’s your choice, for me, I’d like to have a small explosives option.


I have over 1000 hours played, I’m bored of normal runs. I prefer to find bugs or challenge myself. Once you will hit the point when Efficiency is less important than Fun you will understand. :slight_smile:


I would like a perk that makes turrets and maybe vehicles more durable. name it engineer maybe?


Off Hand Melee. This would probably be a fancy sword with some integrated tech, it could be a spear like weapon, or a Kukri or some kind of combat knife. The function of the perk: anytime you are weilding a one handed weapon (pistol, SMG, Tanto) and you are not carrying something in your off hand (like that which is needed for mission objectives), you will have a melee weapon in your off hand that allows you to make a quick, more powerfull, melee attack than normal.

This weapon will not slow you down like carrying something in your offhand normally does. The attack should have a longer reach, or cover a larger area, than standard melee. Maybe it even does additional damage if you attack with it while under the effect of a stealth cloak, which I suggested in another post.


Perhaps a perk that boosts or assists in gaining research so that you could boost your research at the cost of a perk slot.


You mean Cardio with a UAV stratagem?


I meant something that directly increases value of samples that are gathered although I did forget about that combo.


The thing is though, something like that would become a worthless Perk to players that no longer need samples—which breaks an unspoken rule of Perks: “It can’t eventually be useless.” This is also why the “Vehicle Reload” doesn’t work as a Perk either, since it’s not a stand-alone benefit (which is essentially what Perks in this game are). It would require further configuration of your loadout in order to be useful (having to bring a vehicle). In the case of the vehicle-reload, you’d be better off asking for a change in how vehicles work in general and ask that they simply be able to be reloaded (without involving the concept of it being a Perk).

The UAV helps with samples for those that need it, but also extends your radar and reveals hidden objectives, so it’s still useful no matter who you are. I know that’s a stratagem, but it’s still a good example.

I think perhaps a better approach to the same result would be to advocate for a price reduction in upgrades or greater number of samples per mission. Even then, I would still say they’re fine where they’re at. I don’t imagine the devs would want you to breeze through the upgrading process too quickly.


Was just an idea, good point though.


Perk: Mental Conditioning A new revolutionary training made by one of the all knowing scientists of super earth not only allows our troops resist illuminate mind control but also hold out much longer while bleeding out however due to lack of staff that are capable of training this helldivers must specifically ask for this training


Vehicle Resupply, if ever brought to HD, is hardly more specific than Strong Arm or Strategem Priority, or more of a niche choice than the different sidearm choices in the Pistol Pack. Besides, Vehicle Resupply could work just as well if it was a strategem.
Feeding fresh ammunition into vehicles can be balanced with time requirements, total number of resupplies available, and ammunition capacity after resupply.
Vehicle Resupply would likely make vehicles more attractive, at least to some, and it would also make them less of the throw away objects they currently become upon exhausting their fixed ammunition supply.


I have to admit, I hadn’t thought of something being related to the bleeding out factor (despite autoinjector). Interesting concept.


While the idea is interesting, there’s two reasons why I don’t want it to happen:

  1. Mind control is one of the biggest threats the illuminates have, taking it away is too hard a counter. I feel they are already in need of a buff, so nerfing them would make them really tame.

  2. I feel the bleeding out time is already quite long. I also like how there’s always the “death is just one wrong step away” feeling and anything that makes dying less possible takes away from that. Also, the MD-99 already addresses the bleeding out.


Resist/immunity perk idea is awesome. (Same as the Chemsuit Perk mentioned by Molochio_Aderre)

Do the shields already do this? I’m not sure. 9.0 said something earlier about the SH-20 mechanically reducing poison, etc.


Vehicle Resupply must always be faster/easier than simply calling down a new vehicle. Otherwise, people will simply do that and leave the old vehicle behind as a diversion.

Essentially, a Vehicle Resupply becomes a workaround around the 4-slot limit on stratagems. Rather than bring 2 mechs with you, you bring 1 and then resupply it, freeing up 1 stratagem slot.


Doesn’t this essentially mean that those lower-level players are playing a mission too high for their level at the time?


This will ruin the balance between all the weapons. Essentially, the shorter-range weapons are usually far better in some way than the longer-range weapons such as rate-of-fire. The shorter range was a limitation put on that weapon to balance it against the longer-range weapons.

There are some longer-range weapons that can already shoot waaaay off the screen–they would see no real benefit to a range increase, but the shorter-range weapons would become more powerful relative to the longer-range ones.


Vehicle use extending the capabilities of lower level players is a viable path toward attaining greater skill at the game. Further, Vehicle Resupply involves additional choices, which enables a tuning of one’s game strategy.
Neither of these factors contributes toward incompetence or overpowering situations.


I would really appreciate a Perk that replaced your sidearm with not another sidearm, but with a Melee weapon. In an ideal world without IP laws I would love for it to be a Chainsword with a really aggressive buzzing sound.

It should be very powerful but of course only have melee range effect. On the other hand; high damage, infinite uses (no ammo).