New Perk Ideas


OMG YES a chain sword I agree it’s awesome why didn’t I think of this


Honourable Discharge
Discharge all the ammo remaining when died, deal considerable damage (enough to immobilize an IFV)


Increase movement speed while aiming. To explain, smgs permit faster movement while shooting relative to rifles, right? It’s one of their great advantages. This perk allows other weapons to be moved just as well, and stand-still types to move slowly. Smgs might move even faster - probably normal un-aimed movement speed.

Too powerful? Too niche?


Strong arm should allow you to carry the two handed weapon as one handed when carrying boxes etc. Of course there’s already a glitch for that but would make strong arm more useful I think.

I’d like a dual wield perk. Like allow you to carry and shoot two sidearms. R and L analog allows you to aim in different directions. R2 to shoot. Y to change from primary to sidearm. But because it’s 2 guns so you can’t move/ walk back up etc while shooting lol.


I came up with this when discussing about the gunslinger with others.
Youcan use two pistols at the same time when not carrying goods


Yet another Perk idea. This one is rather small, could go by the title
It would allow for a second primary weapon in the place of the sidearm. So, one could switch between the two primaries.
Of course, if one’s choice did include the possibility of one hand operation, then it would function in all respects like the sidearm it replaced. So, for example, one might have an SMG that appears upon a knockdown, rather than the pistol.
I imagine that if there is no one handed operation, then upon knockdown, one has forsaken their last ditch defense. Thus, if one were to choose the Stalwart and the Punisher, there would be no option other than getting up as soon as possible.
The idea is to add depth and variety to load out options, and to offer a little bit more to those who rely on their primaries.


I feel likes thats unbalanced and it would be more balanced if the second weapon has to be one handed and you wouldnt be able to use a special weapon as well


Bug, it could be handled in a variety of different ways, but I fail to see how a one handed determination makes the perk more balanced.
Historically, pistols are specialty/officer armament, and while HD is fictional, a great deal of it’s inspiration comes directly from military arsenals. The Recoilless Rifle being a case in point. Taking this a little further, troops have entered war zones in all manner of configurations, so the Double Primary is a logical step that would not require a change in game mechanics.
Why carry a modestly effective sidearm when one could replace it with a more effective one? My thinking is this could open new vistas, without turning one’s character into an invincible force.


What about a perk for wearing anti-toxic suit? We have an armour, so that can work (anti toxin and antislow)


Perk: Stealth Gear
Doubled crawl speed
Further reduces prone spot range by 10%.


My “have you thought about…” ideas in other thread were understandably shot down for various reasons, but the one thing the dev was at least sort of “maybe feasible” about was a flare or glow stick (some SWAT tactical games have this to mark rooms you’ve clear of hostages/enemies) with a simple purpose – you clearly mark mined areas so it’s more “can’t-miss” clear to stay away from them.

It could maybe be just another grenade perk. It’s just, as with a lot of perk ideas I can’t really see equipping that over things that help keep me alive, or terrain boots on snow. And it doesn’t sound like an extra perk slot is happening at this stage in Helldivers’ life.

While I’d love to suggest it as something that every Helldiver “innately” has – maybe limited # of uses; don’t want a planet full of glowsticks/flares :grin: – I would suspect there’s no free space on a controller to assign some way to use a flare/glow stick.


Also a helldiver that went sploding + reinforce beacon is kinda like that flare :slight_smile:


Perk Name: Strategem Tactician

Description: The Helldiver is given a specialized stratagem transponder allowing for quick and precise deployment of mission assets.

Meta: The traditional method for selecting strategems via combination is swapped for a single button, determined by what slot the stragems have been allocated during deployment. From left to right the 4 stragems can be chosen by pressing a single directional key, up, right, down and left. *

Purpose: the most ‘powerful’ or ‘destructive’ stragems have the longest and most complex button combinations. With practice any player can mash them out with speed and precision, but it would still be cool to reliably call down 4 shredders, or Orbital Lasers in lightning fast succession.

This reduction in ‘skill’ and core game mechanic can be seen as a detriment to the game, but it IS a very balanced idea, simply because you sacrifice your valuable perk slot essentially for a crutch. a very handy and speedy crutch. Great players won’t need it, but friends that want to play a quick game can benefit from the ease of use, and outgrow the need for it later.

*there are mission optional strategems that create issues for this perk such as the SOS, Reinforce, Hellbomb, and sniffer. These strats can be left alone as they are, or reduced accordingly to a double button press, ie ‘up,up’ for the reinforce, ect.


This is an amazing out of the box idea.
I think the barrier to outgrow it would be too strong though :)


by that you mean people would be too comfy using a single button press for strats… this i think would be the biggest hurdle- since the button combos ARE such a big part of the game.


faster crawl speed is a very intriguing idea. maybe paired with a farther dive animation as well to leave a firefight quickly? Maybe even the dive drops a mini smoke grenade allowing you to crawl to safety?
i can see a faster crawl very handy in RS missions where you are always being hounded (literally by hounds) by giant baddies that are trying to stomp you. Those extra moments of quickness on the ground can get you behind cover or into a crossfire to take the heat off.

cool idea!


Glad you like it :wink:

I thought its rarely usefull to go prone to avoid detection, even though it is a feature, just because it slows you down so much.
Tried to stay true to the idea of having a specific niche (solo stealth missions) while still being somewhat usefull in groups. Got some triggerhappy comrades and/or you often have to dive out of the way? got you covered.


Personally, I’m a big fan of ‘training wheel’ perks (or weapons/strats for that matter)
They are useful for recruits as they usually encounter multiple problems that they still have difficulty reacting to at the same time. So perks like this allows them more time to focus on stuff such as positioning and trigger discipline without being held back too much by difficult stratagem combinations.

And veterans might see it as a point of pride that they dont need it or because they find that niche strat combo. Or maybe just because the recruit is less of a fuckup that way :smile:


maybe using the perk would add a visual cue on the helldiver; marking them in a manner that could playfully be calling them a “n00b”. I wouldn’t go as far as to suggest them wearing a dunce cap but something graphic in the same vein as the Displacement Field’s Halo. The idea here is to reinforce the Pride Factor you mentioned for players that don’t ‘need’ the perk to succeed.