New random loadout mode

Thank you for the new update and all the the tweaks, they were spot on! Maybe something to think about further on is random loadouts: If host chooses it everybody most follow it afterwards. So some signal of the random loadout in the on going available games would be nice.

About random loadouts… They don’t seem too random. I never got all stratagems of one type. Is it predetermined to have variety of them?

Its pretty random for me, I got jump pack and sh20 in one go, along with some not so useful strategem. Best to try random on a non snow planet first, lol

Yeah I played some more and it seems to be completely random. I just had some weird luck with them.

It really is like a slot machine. With me random invariably gives me one of my least favorite weapons. :joy:

I had one interesting random loadout where all four stratagems were exosuits.

The tough part if you’re using random on a higher level dive is you can easily get zero, zip, nada anti-tank weaponry of any sort. Which may leave you with dropping the occasional ammo stratagem drop pod as improvised AT. :slight_smile: