New Stratagem Ideas

New Stratagem: EXO-66 Emperor

An Arc Mech and similar to the other mechs where each arm would control separately. One of the arms will be like the Arc Thrower and the other like the Arc Shotgun. If both arms are fully charged and released together, it will do an attack more similar to the Tesla Tower (hitting 3 targets in 360 degree radius with similar damage). If / when it is destroyed, instead of small radius of lethal explosive burst, it will do small radius lethal electrical discharge.

The upgrades will revolve around reducing charging time and improving ability to move / turn while charging.

New Stratagem: A/REP-80 Healing Turret

A REP-80 as a Turret. The upgrade options can add faster turning and chaining.

New Stratagem: Airdropped Toxic Mines

Call in a carpet of self-arming, self-burying toxic mines. Anything that walks over them will set them off, and when a mine explodes it disperses toxic cloud in small area. Some enemies are immune to toxic effects, such as vehicles and shielded units.

The upgrade options increase supply priority and decrease activation time for the airdrops.

New Stratagem: Airdropped Smoke Mines

Call in a carpet of self-arming, self-burying smoke mines. Anything that walks over them will set them off, and when a mine explodes it disperses smoke cloud in small area restricting line of sight.

The upgrade options increase supply priority and decrease activation time for the airdrops.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Launch Day Anniversary coming up: March 3rd, 2018


Airdropped Smoke Mines - I really like those! Could work well on stealth runs, should be limited?
A/REP-80 Healing Turret - Healing Turret would be a bit OP right? No idea… probably…

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I think would be viable for both solo / duo stealth runs as well as any other scenario including Retaliatory Strikes just like I am finding the ‘Thunderer’ Smoke Round to be beneficial in non-stealth scenarios.

In a game that has the AT-47 as they work today, I don’t think OP is a problem since ultimately everything is player choice. The Healing Turret idea I think would increase variety of options tremendously and least one of them will be pretty OP (like pairing with AT-47 until the AT-47 destroys their own healing turret). In most cases, I think it will be fine.

I think if the REP turret stopped working when enemies are right up on it like the new grenade turret, it would be pretty balanced. It’s kinda crazy to have to baby sit a turret, but I still like having to keep tabs on my A/GL-8.

REP-40 Grenades as a new perk is something suggested already. Like the smoke bomb but being inside the AOE gives a regen effect between the REP-80 and the Angel drone.

And the REP turret would work better as a REP Tower instead, I think. Almost like the Tesla Tower.


Cluster Shredder When?

Next anniversary. Also what if there was a Static Field subtype that was a regen field instead? That might work too.

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Interesting. So how does it work? Is it constantly healing everything within its radius or picking 3 targets to heal within the radius? Does it know friend from foe when healing?

Very unexpected idea. Does it do anything other than heal? Does it heal everything or just organics?

I have kind of assumed that the A/GL-8 Launcher Turret going off mission once something has gotten too close to it is some kind of technical defect. I mean I don’t know if Super Earth designed it to do that or if it is some kind of Cyborg infiltration.

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I figure anything that can survive one Shredder blast kind of deserves to survive (except Cyborgs and Bugs of course).

Hmm wouldn’t mind a dropped energy wall similar to an obelisk’s wall so we could create some sort of chokepoint or temporary barrier. The barbed wires does a solid job of slowing enemies down but doesn’t block projectiles.

Just a little balancing could work it out I guess. Just thinking.


I hadn’t thought of the idea of an arc mech, that’s pretty clever. I once tossed around the idea of a laser cannon mech, possibly with its own force field but lower health. What if one side was a laser cannon and the other arc weapons?


I was just thinking the exact same thing, something like Orisa’s barrier in Overwatch. Something to prevent fire from one direction.


The tower would identify friend or foe just like the turrets do, but it would choose three friendly targets (mechanical or otherwise) within the AOE of a tesla tower or slightly beyond and heal them at the same rate as the REP-80 with no chaining.

The regen field would probably be organic-healing only (the divers) and it would apply a toxic stun to non-helldiver organics.

Would be useful on keeping one flank in check so you could focus on one side that has more threats.
Glad I’m not the only one thinking about this one.

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Definitely smoke strafing runs. :+1:

I want what this one is smoking :crazy_face:

Toxic Sludge Duster

Low-speed Helldivers support aircraft drops a long stream of the TOX-13 Avenger’s Toxic Sludge – more of a thinner “sludge spray” – over a long, narrow field of attack. A bit like strafe but instead, a thinner cloud of toxic sludge falls gradually on the battlefield.

See this crop dusting video as an example of what it might look like. :smiley:


Digging up some ideas, tweaked, that I suggested at the stickied Steam Suggestions thread:

EMP Grenades
Most effective against Cyborg and Illuminate units, EMP temporarily causes (randomly) some electro-mechanical units in its blast radius to shut down and others to discombulate, and start firing at at random targets, whether friend or foe.

These also can temporarily disable an AA cannon emplacement, long enough to drop a stratagem in the vicinity.

I can’t see any reason these would work on Bugs, but maybe we could make up something. :slight_smile:


Friendly fire enabled so they also shut down helldivers mechs, apc’s, hav’s, turrets, tesla towers etc. . .
Sounds like fun