New Stratagem Ideas


One that i saw suggested (by Mikasa2 if i remember rightly) that i liked the idea of was a grenade resupply backpack - greatly increases grenade carry capacity.


EXO-58 Slicer Exosuit

Primary Weapon: Pneumatic Cannon on left exosuit arm that spits out rotating titanium circular saw blades at high speed. While designed mainly to slice through light-medium targets, multiple blades can finish a heavier tank enemy.

Secondary Weapon: Gas-fueled Chainsaw on right exosuit arm cuts through all sizes of flesh enemies with ease but makes no dent on medium-heavy armor targets. The front armor of the exosuit is reinforced to allow you to take on heavier targets at melee range with less severe damage to the exosuit, especially from “splash damage.”

Mk1 = No Upgrades
Mk2 = Increases the number of circular saw blades “ammo” for the pneumatic cannon
Mk2 = Increases the amount of fuel for the chaiinsaw arm motor

NOTE: As with any exosuit, you can’t reload the cannon, and the chainsawn arm’s motor can’t be refueled.

P.S. I think the thing to remember when we’re suggesting stuff we actually hope to see in the game is if it’s “Too Op,” or makes something currently in the game suddenly “Too Op,” then probably they wouldn’t implement that. In most cases, something has to have a strong “con” to using it, or a drawback, or some clumsiness aspect to it (see Bastion tank and the motorcycle).

I’ve tried to restrain myself on my Exosuit suggestions. I think my earlier ideas were way too "I gotta use this all the time’ Op, rather than, “This might be cool but I can see the drawbacks to it.” To this day I still think AT Turret in the DLC is way, way, way, Too Op. It needed at least one serious demerit to it beyond just being fixed in place, imho. :slight_smile:


I like the idea! We could carry 4 grenades like in old version of Helldivers! I would be happy if it would work also with Incendiary Grenades, Stun Grenades and Smoke Grenades.


@YOPG I was thinking 6 when fully upgraded but maybe that’s a bit greedy if it stacks with the 2 you normally carry.


I think 6 is way too much, imagine 4 Helldivers throwing 24 grenades every minute, that would be insane!

Probably thats why they changed grenades carry limit from 4 to 2 it was way too OP…

New Weapon Ideas

Nah, most everyone else will be too focused on Trident and Rumbler to even consider the grenade perk and resupply a viable option and a team of vets would want to mix it up to keep it interesting


Think how OP a quad squad is.
4 man team running commando’s who are actually aware of the buddy reload mechanic.


Commando requires skill, more OP would be RL-112 Recoilless Rifle hah.


I mentioned quad squad because of it ability to just carpet bomb an area if neeeded. Also i think iFV’s are the only thing you need to master with it, the rest are fairly straight forward


Riffing off a stratagem I concocted for my screwy Helldivers: Insurrection spinoff game:

TD-220 Raketgevär (might as well get a Swedish phrase in :grin:)
Based on the TD-110 Bastion’s chassis, but replaces its turret with a multi-tube light-rocket salvo launcher. While capable of breaking up enemy swarms, it’s not designed to take out heavy tank enemies, although the top-tier upgrade can help mess them up. :slight_smile:

The driver still sets in the front inside of this vehicle, and a coaxial LMG is available as an upgrade.

Upgrade Tracks (just some ideas)

Basic Upgrade Track
Mk1: Basic variant, no upgrades.
Mk2: Adds a passenger-side machine gun, with limited aim radius out the passenger side window, roughly equivalent to the 1st upgrade for the MC-109 Hammer motorcycle.
Mk3: Adds more “ammo” for the rocket salvo launcher.

Rocket Effects Upgrade Track
Mk1: Basic variant, no upgrades
Mk2: Adds light Damage over Time poison effect, to flesh-based enemies only.
Mk3: Adds EMP effect against mechanized and robotic units only, causing misfiring, mis-aiming and engine malfunctions.

The U.S. WWII Sherman “Calliope” Rocket Launcher Tank

Game footage (Company of Heroes):

The Real thing (WW2 footage):

A Helldivers version would need to be tempered so as to not be overly Op. :slight_smile: That’s why I suggested it use the Bastion chassis but remove its AT gun and turret. Just to keep it from Excessive Op-ness. The Helldivers iteration wouldn’t be able to fire this many salvos, this long, nor have this many tubes.


I’ll never stop pushing/begging Arrowhead for a…

SNOWMOBILE :sunglasses:

I think for the sake of Helldivers’ fictional worlds, you can maybe justify it being able to traverse deserts and maybe in some form other environments too. They’re apparently usable on shallow creeks/streams too.

Could maybe include an LMG in nose as weaponry, or just let the Helldiver driver use a one-handed weapon only. Or you could let a 2nd Helldiver ride, and be able to use certain types of weapons.


Modified Demolisher satchel with a pointy bottom with ground-seeking telemetry. Tossed, the Hedehog will always hit point-down in the ground, and a Super Earth Mega Titanium Plate in the top side helps to direct its explosive charge directly below.

This instantly creates a foxhole large enough for two Helldivers to drop into it (via Use/Interact key).

The Hedgehog foxhole provides protection from small arms fire and grenades, and reduces damage from larger explosions. However, the foxhole itself has its own “health meter” and can’t be repaired. When the foxhole’s “health” expires, the foxhole crumbles away.

Dropping multiple Hedehogs in one spot does nothing — it doesn’t create a deeper foxhole. :slight_smile: However, you can string a few Hedgehog detonations in a row to essentially create a long trench. This could in some cases become handy as a way to prevent enemy vehicles from advancing, though on-foot enemies will simply walk through the trench.

The Hedgehog’s main role though is to provide a little bit of protection for on-foot Helldivers at fixed objectives or the Evacuation Zone. It might work well with the Anti-Personnel Barrier in front of the foxhole or trench.

P.S. Essentially this would introduce a minor element of “terraforming” to Helldivers, and I can’t say whether the game engine would support this type of thing (i.e., reshaping the gameplay environment).


Couldn’t the same effect be achieved with a defensive stratagem which drops essentially a large Hellpod? Now that I mention it, that would be an interesting stratagem on paper especially because they already have the Hellpod assets in game.


Would be great to have in the arsenal. Unlike barbed wire, it can be destroyed after X amount of damage.
Upgrade path could go…

  1. Basic nano wall based on Illuminate Obelisk tech, can take a punch. 180s cooldown, 5 uses
  2. Upgraded nano wall based on Illuminate Obelisk tech, now can take 30% more damage before dissipating. 180s cooldown, 5 uses
  3. The MK3 nano wall now covers more ground and has a decreased cooldown. 120s cooldown, 5 uses.

Could be a good compliment to the barbed wire, as it has only a certain amount of uses and can be destroyed. Stopping bullets and one or two full tank charges would be it’s claim to fame. Keeping it a straight line would keep it from being too OP, as opposed to curved.

Or would a nano wall make more sense to be on a timer, as opposed to a set amount of damage?


My suggestion for stratagem will be much simplier:

Devs, make some vehicle for 3 players please!

There are vehicles just for 4 or for 2. EXOs could be considered as vehicle for 1. But why haven’t you made vehicle for 3?


HEL-66 INFLATOR Secondary Weapon
Short range weapon shoots an inflator tube/hose into a target – most effective against flesh-based targets. Once the tube attaches, you quickly tap the firing button a few times to “inflate” the enemy until he explodes in a geyser of blood, guts and bone. :crazy_face:

Kids, don’t try this at home! :grin:

After successful “inflation detonation,” the inflator tube auto retracts into the Inflator Gun.

This weapon uses tanks of “inflator gas,” similar to the tanks used for the flamethrower and tox sludge Stratagem secondary weapons.

The nickname could also be Dig-Dug, since it’s a lot like the “pump weapon” in that old classic arcade game. :grinning:


Yasssss. I’d love to be able to use a Calliope in Helldivers. If they only enabled it to fire long-range or minimum-distance rocket salvos, I don’t see it being too overpowered. Give it 50 rockets total, only allow them to fire far away from the tank, I can see it being fairly balanced.



An experimental riff on the LIFT-850 Jump Pack, the Jet Dash pack repositions the Jump Pack’s vector thrust nozzles to point horizontally.

This enables the wearer to dash moderate distances at “super speed,” knocking down and scattering enemies on the “dash path” like a bowling ball through pins, and stunning any non-heavy tank target(s) at the end of the jet-dash route. While the user can resort to this as a means of fast travel, it’s intended more as “creative” attack gear than travel equipment.

Bonuses/Usefulness Observations

  • You can Jet Dash through a minefield without taking damage or stun from the mines – IF your dash “end point” ends outside the mine field.
  • In a pinch, you can use Jet Dash to zip quickly through Anti-Static Conductors and Anti-Personnel Barrier (barbed warrier)
  • Any fellow Helldiver in your path will be “knocked prone” but not damaged. Basically, this would be to avoid it becoming any sort of “team killer” tool. Seems fair enough for it to knock fellow Helldivers down to ‘prone mode’ though.


  • As with Jump Pack, Jet Dash Pack is cumbersome, and as a result, the wearer won’t be able to go prone.
  • As with Jump Pack, Jet Dash Pack’s fuel is limited. If you want to enjoy its attack ability, you don’t want to waste your “jet dashes” on routine travel. :slight_smile:
  • Choosing Jet Dash Pack in loadout auto-requires equipping the Heavy Armor Perk to alleviate the impact damage when the user crashes into enemy targets. :crazy_face:
  • Basically, when wearing Jet Dash Pack and required Heavy Armor Perk, user will be a turtle/sloth except when in Jet Dash mode. :grin: So there are tradeoffs to consider.

Mk1: Basic variant, no upgrades.
Mk2 (Cost: 1 Research point): An extended fuel tank now allows XX dashes before the pack runs out. [I can’t guess; would have to determine with internal testing what’s a reasonable “base” number of “super speed dashes,” and a reasonable upgraded number-bj]
Mk3 (Cost: 2 Research points): Each Hellpod now contains 2 jet dash packs.

P.S. This is inspired by the super hero character Bullet in Irrational Games’ squad RTS “Freedom Force”:

Speeding Bullet: Knocks back enemies at the end of a sprinting run.


Maybe, though to me that sounds a bit more like a Starcraft bunker. Which could be its own fun thing too. :slight_smile:

I guess I’m partial to the foxhole idea just cause I think the animation of blowing up the ground to create a protective foxhole would be fun, and I kind of like the idea of still being able to see our Helldivers firing out of a protective dug out hole, rather than being perhaps hidden within a shiny Hellpod or Hellpod shelter. :grinning:

Think there could be room for both kinds of ideas if there was any interest. Or, like maybe the foxhole is the basic, there’s some sort of MkII upgrade, and then an MkIII upgrade drops down a Hellpod “cap” of some sort to help fortify the foxhole more.


Gunship Support Stratagem

For this strategem the target area is suppressed with a sustained duration of chaingun fire from above. Similar to a generic strafe run but focused on one location over a long period of time.

Upgrades could extend the duration and increase the radius. While the triple barrage does this already, gunship support would have a shorter cool down and specialize solely in eradicating enemy light patrol units that wander into the designated area.