New Stratagem Ideas


SNP-07 Sniper Rifle

This stratagem drops powerful rifle that handles in all was like the Camper but has the 4 round magazines similar to a railgun and is unable to strafe and fire.

Long range, accurate, and powerful, this rifle is unique in that it fires AP rounds allowing it to effectively snipe an armored target without overpentrating and endangering nearby Helldivers as the railgun would.

Upgrades would give it a laser pointer, increase magazine capacity to 8, and possibly allow the user to move while firing.


Killing Floor 2’s holiday-theme additions include a new weapon that Helldivers should obviously steal. drum roll:drum:

The Freezethrower
Temporarily freezes enemies and adds a “deer head with ice antlers” effect (seriously :joy: ) to their heads (literally :joy:), which can then be finished off with conventional weaponry.

So for Helldivers, we’ll skip the deer/antlers effect, and otherwise…

ICE-41 Ice-inator
Compact ice spray gun capable of projecting ice several meters. Enemies hit with ice will freeze in place temporarily, but doesn’t damage them. My suggestion is a last upgrade that adds the effect of slowing enemies for a period of time when the freeze effect turns off.

  • Mk1: Basic, no upgrades
  • MKII: More “ice fuel” for the Ice-inator so you can use it longer.
  • MKIII: Freeze valve upgrade adds a “slowing effect” to iced enemies once the “freeze” effect wears off.

Possible ways to keep this from being “too op” (would need to be balanced during testing):

  • Limit the “ice fuel” so you need to be selective in using it.
  • Limit the range.
  • Limit the number of units that can be frozen at one time.
  • Consider it not impacting mechanical targets, which would probably render it most useful against Bugs, least useful against illuminates, maybe mid-useful against Cyborgs.

It might cool if this somehow interacted or benefitted from snow map environments, but I’m not sure how?



This stratagem deploys a Helldivers 4 wheel drive jeep, capable of seating 3. Fast and lightly armored, it’s perfect for zipping around any difficult terrain while providing cover for a Helldiver who may be carrying a briefcase.

The passenger side is mounted with a machine gun which can cover the right side of the vehicle in a 180 degree rotatation while the back is mounted with a Railgun which swings in a 360 rotation allowing the user to face any threat.

Though incapable of dealing with heavy armor targets effectively, the Boar Railgun can stun most.
Stratagem upgrades increase vehicle’s, speed, then durability, then ammo capacity.


Yes please.


As long as it is still generally great at crushing enemies, I’ll be down for a 3 soldier vehicle.


I think a great game but imaginense a turret that is planted as a secondary weapon would be like carrying a grenade launcher bone I mean this weapon also could be carried as tertiary weapon and what aria our character is planted with the machine gun and have a more powerful very useful would be from my point of view to the defenses of points just imagine it, his serious downside to not be planted immediately because the character our’d have to build it but this can get help from a partner and recharge fire assists but this only accelerate it let’s say it takes 2 seconds, now one, if this weapon would be easy, I think I would take away the fun of this game and from my point of view, you can not throw yourself into a map with any strategy, you have to think about it and send yourself because the stratagems are very crucial for the moments and if they take a dlc with humans infected by an infection of the bug or a new breed and new maps would be serious. uy fun and would give more desire to play new but in my story I already have 180 hours of helldivers plays and I see a great game with great potential that thanks to its furtuist world has great potential for imagination. good game arrowhead. continue like this: D the


I felt that, while Brandon’s post was hard to read, it brought up great points that should not be overlooked, so I’ve rudely rewritten it below.
I hope you don’t mind @brandonVII

“Helldivers is a great game as it is, but imagine if we had a manned turret that could be carried around as a Support Weapon (maybe even in your Backpack Slot) and placed when needed?
It could be a powerful asset, very useful for setting up defenses, but of course it would have the downside of being slow for a Helldiver to set up themselves (another Helldiver can assist with setting it up to reduce the time) so that it does not become a weapon that is too easy to use and take the fun away from playing the game.
These downsides would make you think twice about taking it with you since the variety of planets demands that you select your equipment wisely.
Also I think a DLC with zombified human enemies (maybe a Bug virus infects Helldiver troops) or new bug/human hybrid enemies would give the game a seriously fun breath of fresh air.
Even after 180 hours I still see that the HELLDIVERS IP has a lot of potential to expand thanks to its creative story and futuristic setting.
Great game, Arrowhead – keep it coming!”


My feeling is that Zombies are heavily overused in gaming and they are rotted re-animated corpses so there is really nothing fresh about them.

The Cyborgs, Bugs, and Illuminates were fresh. The single new enemy unit additions to each of those in Turning Up the Heat was the best additions of all the post-release DLC Helldivers has had. I want more of that kind of fresh, not “zombies”.

Probably close to 10,000 other games (if not more) should I really want to fight vs zombies.


Agreed. And I feel like certain Cyborg units are already zombie-like enough. Bugs, too, capture the intensity of swarming enemies brilliantly. Standard human zombies, no matter if they’re bug-infected or cordyceps-controlled or what, would be a betrayal And a cheapening of the setting.


I think a snowmobile strategem is a great idea, but more in terms of a tracked 3 seat vehicle that has application beyond just snow scenarios.
I also think a pillbox strategem would be worthwhile. There are many different ways that this could be done, and besides, I find the idea of running around in circles to avoid OP enemies a little tiring at times. It would be a lot of fun to have an emplacement from which to blast them to oblivion… Satisfying as well.


Gonna be honest with you, there is an Anti-Tank emplacement, but its not all that fun to use.


Well BB, I suppose that’s why there are so many different flavors of candy, because tastes differ.
I enjoy Helldivers, just hoping to make it better…