New trial on Gauntlet™ Official Discord: `DRY AS A BONE`

Endless Trial: DRY AS A BONE

• Class: Any.
• Weapons: Any.
• Relic: No same relics allowed.
• Talisman (Potion): Not allowed.
• Map: Endless unfair.

Target/Aim Of the event:
• Finish an unfair portal without use any potions, skull coins or buy food!
• Rooms can be skipped on portal floor but next rooms cannot be skipped, all spawned bosses and towers must be destroyed! Daemon Horror must be killed in range!

The following applies to Dry As a Bone:
• 1st Terms & Disqualifies from Challenges apply (No exploits).

​ ​
• Thor the Dry - Complete this trial as Thor.
• Thyra the Dehydrated - Complete this trial as Thyra.
• Merlin the Sober - Complete this trial as Merlin.
• Questor the Parched - Complete this trial as Questor.
• Lilith the Thirsty - Complete this trial as Lilith.
​ ​
Special Reward:
​ ​
• Dry As a Bone - Finish all trial modes (replaces all previous badges).

Server 1st win!