New trial on Gauntlet™ Official Discord: ELEMENTS & ALCHEMY


• Class: Any
• Weapons: As on banner above.
• Relic: As on banner above, no same relics allowed.
• Talisman (Potion): As on banner above.
• Map: Endless unfair.

Target/Aim of the event:
• Use banner layout and without farming potions or gold finish an endless loop.
• Rooms cannot be skipped, all spawned bosses and towers must be destroyed! Daemon Horror must be killed in range!

The following applies to Elements & Alchemy:
• 1st Terms & Disqualifies from Challenges apply (No exploits).

• Nigredo Dabbler - Use banner layout and finish an unfair portal loop.
• Albedo Apprentice - Heroes can revive only when all others heroes are alive!
• Citrinitas Scholar - Heroes can revive only when 2+ coins are available, they cannot buy any coins!
• Rubedo Sage - Heroes cannot use skull coins, they cannot buy any food!
• Magnum Opus of the Master Alchemist - Finish all trial modes (replaces all previous badges).

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Hardest mode of this trial done!