New Weapon Ideas


I’m wasting time at work, so I don’t have time to get into nitty gritty details atm. :crazy_face:

These are some vague ideas I’d love to see some iteration of:

Laser Pulse Assault Rifle (bursts of 3 red laser ‘blasts’ at a time)

  • Had this idea it might be somewhat akin to the old Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) in look:

  • To keep it from being “Too Op,” I suggested 3-round burst instead of auto fire. Perhaps the first blast is always “pinpoint,” while the next two hit in random areas adjacent to your aiming point. I call this the “Star Wars Blaster Effect.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • And also envisioned rapid energy consumption aspect requires wearing an accompanying "laser energy backpack,’ which prevents you from using other backpack type equipment (jump pack, personal shield, ammo pack, Angel/Guard Dog drones, Resupply Pack for AT weapons, etc.).

Acid-Poison Paintball SMG
Fires small balls of acid-poison that explode and splatter in colorful, damage-over-time corrosive sprays on contact. I’m not sure if this would impact tank type enemies – perhaps the top-tier upgrade would add a DoT corrosive effect to heavy tanks, but would not make this an AT weapon per se.

High-Tech Bow (a la Marvel’s Hawkeye)

One-Handed Small Cross Bow (w/ Different Arrow Tip Types)

I haven’t thought through the bows. They might require some new type of damage, attacks or effects to justify them in Helldivers’ high-tech world.


Now we have full set of Ideas!

Going back to the topic,

“Tiny Liberator”:
Minigun, the same version as EXO-44 Walker Exosuit has, few changes to make “Tiny Liberator” lighter at a cost of smaller drums. When upgraded you can reload while moving and add mini-stun rounds.

  • Max Drums: 4

  • Rounds: 100

  • Mini-Stun rounds

  • No AP rounds

  • SMG range shot

  • Low Accurate

  • Can overheat

  • Low DMG


"MG-60 EL ‘Big Boar’ (BB)"
A new LMG for the Helldiver arsenal, liberating an old design from a former foreign communist borg sympathizing country back during Old Earth, and incorporating it with a tried and true “democratic” design; we introduce you to the MG-60 EL, known as ‘Big Boar’ or ‘BB’ for short. It’s a bullpup box mag LMG using the same heavy battle-rifle caliber as the AR-20L ‘Justice’. Much like The MG-108 ‘Stalwart’, the recoil is heavy and requires long bursts to adjust, unlike the Stalwart, it has a smaller mag capacity, slower ROF, and a much heavier recoil, but makes up for it with the power of Justice!

Overall Stats and Upgrades

  • Starts with 4 ‘boxes’, can carry 8 max
  • Each ‘box’ contains 50rnds (80 when upgraded)
  • A Recoil Absorber for more efficient full auto-fire
  • Penetrator Rounds (like the ‘Justice’, I’m sure you’ve died by its hands at least once)
  • High DMG
  • Range of rifles
  • Low accuracy then ramps up to high accuracy after the initial “warm-up” period
  • Always takes 4 seconds to reload
  • Slow ROF (450 RPM for comparison, a little under half compared to the Stalwart’s)

(To envision what it looks like, take the Bullpup system from the PKM and incorporate that into the M60 for maximum Liber-tea.)


I’m still waiting for an Illuminate Sniper type call down weapon. Long charge, devastating blast. Would be super challenging to use solo, but could be clutch in a squad.


I really like this idea. All hell breaking loose. Brood Commanders closing in a long line.


The bugs are getting ever closer and your squad are downing.


You’re downed team mate tags are vibrating for reinforcement. The Brood Commander is on you now.

laser noise now silence. The engines of the drop ship humming as it comes in to land and your fellow squaddies are dropping in to the sweet smell of cauterised bugs.


*edit - obviously the charge weapon above…


P-9 Judge

A new sidearm option, this pistol fires small shotgun slug rounds. Powerful but very limited ammo.

Upgrades give it ap rounds and a ministun effect making it useful for facing large medium targets.


Helldivers needs handheld Miniguns. While any type of ammunition is conceivable, from plasma to explosive and laser, the tried and true metallic cartridge option would be wonderful. Upgrades could include AP ammunition, increased ammunition capacity, and/or “stability”, the latter being an interesting gaming concept.
The Minigun, or Miniguns, as in the case of multiple loadouts, as with the walker mechs, could unlock with new levels, or difficulty of missions.
Personally speaking, I’d rather have a Minigun than a shoulder fired weapon. There is room for a weapon of this type, and besides, it would be awesome if done correctly. Bring out the Miniguns!


I’d love for the MG-105 Stalwart to get a new buddy.


Out of all possible weapons, the Miniguns offer the most potential for direct fire weapons to reach parity with indirect, shoulder fired weapons, IMHO.
Yes, I believe it would be a good friend for your MG. (I find the Stalwart indispensable on capture objectives).
Of course, I also join others in wondering about the future of the Shredder Missile.


What about a Bowie Knife for close combat , maybe you could throw it if needed then retrieve it.